Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Beth over at Shut Up and Run, shared with her stalkers what an average day looks like for her and encouraged us to do the same... since I don't seem to have anything else to write about and I'm sure you've all been sitting around just wondering what my day entails, here's a glimpse at a somewhat typical schedule for me:

6:00am Dan's alarm goes off, he turns it off. I wait 'til he's in shower then go upstairs to find at least 2 kids already up and watching cartoons.

6:30-7am Make lunch for Emme, Calvin & Dan. Start unloading dishwasher, don't finish though. Take Leona to the potty, remind her that big girls don't go potty in their unders, get Jonny out of bed change his diaper.

7am Make breakfast. Oatmeal for Emme. Waffles for Calvin. Bagel for Dan. Cold cereal for Leona until she see that Emme has oatmeal, the oatmeal for her too. Remind Jonny that I will feed him as soon as everyone is off to school.

7:12 Line kids up to wave out the window to Dan as he takes the bus to work. Check weather/email/quick look at blogs.

7:30 Tell Emme & Calvin to get dressed, brush their teeth and make beds. Attempt to get Leona & Jonny dressed.

7:35 Repeat 7:30 and add in brush my teeth and put something somewhat presentable on.

7:40 Brush/braid/ponytail Emme's hair. Same for Leona after she sees what Emme did.

7:50 Help find backpacks and get shoes tied as well as sweatshirts on.

8:00-8:15 Head out the door (running if close to 8:15) and drop Emme at her classroom, Calvin at his.

8:30am back at home, clean up from breakfast/finish dishwasher. Take Leona to potty. Change Jonny again and feed him breakfast.

9:00-10:00 take a bath/shave my legs/ nurse Jonny/get Noni & Jonny ready to go running, i.e. change Jonny again, take Leona potty. Realize I haven't eaten anything, have a mini Clif bar and some water.

10:00 Load them up in the stroller and head down the road not quite sure how long I'm going to run since I'm in between training plans.

10:15 Trade Leona a book for her snacks.
10:16 Trade her back
10:17 and again...

10:20ish Opt to do only 5 miles instead of 6+ (still kind of sore from my half-marathon) so I make an early turn around in my loop and head home.
10:22 See that both kids are sleeping and wish I had gone for the longer run, oh well

10:45 Back at home, kids out of stroller. Take Leona to potty, change Jonny. Put Jonny in Johnny-Jump up so he'll be safe (from Leona) while I'm in shower. Take super speedy shower. Get dressed, hair in pigtails, minimal makeup

11:00 Sandwich for Leona. Nurse Jonny.

11:30 Leona to potty and get shoes on. Change Jonny.

11:50 Out door to meet Calvin at school.

12:00pm Home with Calvin.

12:15-2:25 Several more diaper changes, more trips to potty for Leona. Realize I haven't eaten lunch, have a bagel with peanut butter. Give Leona & Calvin snack. Put some laundry in. Nurse Jonny again. Remember laundry is in and not going, restart the washing machine. See that bed isn't made, make bed. Sweep up from kids' snack. Get everyone's shoes on.

2:35 Back to school to get Emme.

2:50 Home again. Snack for Emme and of course Leona & Calvin. Sweep again. Leona to potty. Check on laundry. (Bored yet, I am just writing this, let's fast forward)

3:00-5:00 Entertain kids/ figure out dinner (quesadillas, rice & beans)

5:50 Dan gets home from work (hooray reinforcements)

6-6:30 Dinner

7-7:30 Baths x2 and Showers x2, load dishwasher, clean up kitchen & sweep (if Dan hasn't already)

7:35 Quick story, family prayer, individual prayers and song x3

7:45 Change & nurse Jonny, then to bed for him too!!

8:00 Finally free time, check blogs, decide to watch movie with Dan

8:30-9 Watch part of movie, decide we're too tired and go to bed like old people we are

12:30am Change & nurse Jonny

3:30am Change & nurse Jonny

Rinse and repeat...

At least that was yesterday. I'm sure I missed a few diaper changes and trips to the potty. (Unlike Beth, I spared you my bathroom trips.) Also, usually when I'm feeding Jonny, I'm also checking out blogs and such. Today meant no school for Calvin but a doctor's appointment added in. Other days might include playgroup and a couple different soccer practices/matches. No wonder I'm so tired come 9pm. I can't believe my mom had 6 kids! Every day I have new found appreciation for all she did/does.

What does your day look like?


Runners Fuel said...

busy, busy, busy!!

ShutUpandRun said...

OMG the productivity to your day puts me to shame!! Busy woman you are. And GREAT mama. Thanks for sharing a day in the life of YOU. I enjoyed reading every word.

Julie D. said...

thanks for sharing!! I know how busy my day is with three...don't know how you moms do it with 4 plus kids!! I couldn't do it!

AshleyR said...

Holy moly! That made me tired just reading it. I'll stick to my one child, whew!

One thing that stood out was that you shaved then went for a run. I can't even shave the day before a run without paying dearly for it, evil sensitive skin. :(

Heather said...

Do you ever wonder what you did with your day before you had kids. I do.

Unknown said...

Oh boy, you are busy. But, I did notice that you didn't take a week off from running after your half...told you so!

Marci said...

I think it is funny that you have to remind yourself to eat. That has never been my problem.