All About Me

100 Random Things About Me

  1.  My name is Laurie
  2.  I have a love/hate relationship with my name... mostly because when you look it up in a baby naming book it says it is a nickname for Laurel, which in turn means "from the laurel tree".  I however love that it is Laurie and not Lori.
  3.  Originally my parents named me Jennifer.  I'm glad they decided to change it to Laurie.  There were many Jennifer's in my grade.
  4.  I look up name meanings a lot.
  5.  Even though I'm done having kids, I'll probably still keep our baby naming book.
  6.  I have 5 kids.
  7.  I always wanted 5 kids but then thought I was good with 4 until... surprise, now we have 5. ;)
  8.  I love patterns.
  9.  My kids go: girl, boy, girl, boy.  I didn't plan it that way, but I'm happy it worked out as such...
 10.  The oldest two are 19 months apart.
 11. The youngest two are 20 months apart.
 12.  There is 3 years between the second and third.
 13.  I had hoped to have all my kids before turning 30.
 14.  I wasn't quite 30 1/2 years old when my youngest was born.
 14.  My husband and I enjoyed almost 2 whole years without kids.
 15.  Our oldest daughter was born very early the day after Christmas.
 16.  Her birthday is also the day before our anniversary.
 17.  This makes for a busy few days.
 18.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
 19.  I love to eat and have fancy meals.
 20.  I hate cooking.
 21.  I love to look at cookbooks.
 22.  I love to bake goodies.
 23.  I would love to have a bakery.
 24.  I'd make cakes and cupcakes and yummy breakfast treats like cinnamon rolls and scones.
 25.  I love Halloween and Christmas too.
 26.  There aren't any holidays I don't like.
 27.  We make green pancakes with green eggs, green syrup and green orange juice on St. Patrick's Day.
 28.  I love to run.
 29.  I used to hate running.
 30.  I started running competitively in 4th grade.
 31.  I ran in Jr. high, high school and college.
 32.  I hated it the entire time and never ran outside of practice.
 33.  I loved to swim.
 34.  I secretly hoped I'd be able to swim in the Olympics some day.
 35.  I taught my younger sister how to swim.
 36.  She swam for a Division 1 team.
 37.  She was even able to swim the 50 and 100 meter free at the olympic trails.
 38.  I try not to be jealous of her swimming abilities.
 39.  Now I usually run 5 days a week.
 40.  I'm happiest on days I've gone running.
 41.  Usually I run early in the morning.
 42.  I almost always run by our local swimming pool and check out the lap swimmers.
 43.  I still sometimes wish I was swimming instead of running.
 44.  My husband says I'm a fish.
 45.  I have never not lived near some type of decent sized body of water.
 46.  My husband's name is Dan.
 47.  His family only calls him Daniel.
 48.  I'm pretty sure his mom used to cringe every time I called him Dan.
 49.  We met our senior year of high school.
 50.  We didn't get along very well then.
 51.  He would tell you differently, but he didn't like me much.
 52.  We went out a few times after high school.
 53.  Before we got married, Dan went on a mission for our church.
 54.  We started dating again when he got home.
 55.  We dated a month before getting engaged.
 56.  We got married 3 months later.
 57.  We had known each other for almost 6 years.
 58.  I love peanut butter.
 59.  I think I could eat it on almost anything.
 60.  It is best, though, paired with chocolate.
 61.  I could easily eat a large bag of chocolate peanut butter M&M's by myself.
 62.  Once I start eating sweets I have little control.
 63.  This is another reason why I run.
 64.  I rarely go running alone, usually I have at least one of my kids with me.
 65.  I have both single and a double jogging stroller.
 66.  I use one or the other almost every day.
 67.  Most of my running involves pushing a stroller.
 68.  My oldest two kids are sad they've outgrown the stroller.
 69.  Sometimes my oldest daughter will ride her bike with me when I run.
 70.  Those runs aren't very beneficial to me running.
 71.  They are very beneficial to my as a mom though.
 72.  I am the oldest of 6 kids.
 73.  Growing up I swore that I wouldn't have any kids.
 74.  Some days I wish I would have kept that promise to myself.
 75.  I would never trade in my kids, though.
 76.  They often drive me insane but I love them to pieces.
 77.  Running helps me keep my sanity.
 78.  I never listen to music when I run.
 79.  My youngest daughter often serenades me though.
 80.  She sings variations of "run faster mommy" and "I want a snack".
 81.  When my kids fall asleep in the stroller I usually still have some sort of "kid song" going through  my head.
 82.  I am a stay at home mom.
 83.  I used to work while my husband stayed home with the kids and went to school.
 84.  I don't think my husband ever wants to switch places again.
 85.  I think I could probably get by just fine without a TV.
 86.  I couldn't survive without my computer though.
 87.  I love the rain.
 88.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and hope to stay here the rest of my life.
 89.  I hope to have enough money to travel a lot some day.
 90.  My husband and I hope to go on a trip for our 10th anniversary.
 91.  That will be in December of 2011. (it's now 2015...trip didn't happen... maybe for our 20th)
 92.  I have a feeling we won't be able to do anything too fancy until at least our 15th.
 93.  We went to the Oregon Coast for our honeymoon.
 94.  It was cold and rainy and I loved every second of it.
 95.  I love to wear wool sweaters, jeans, layered tees and converse tennis shoes.
 96.  Fall is my favorite season.  I love running through all the leaves.
 97.  I love college football.
 98.  The Oregon Ducks are my favorite team.
 99.  I can get by with very little sleep.
100.  Someday I hope to be able to take Sunday afternoon naps again.  That is the thing I miss most about having kids.