Sunday, November 8, 2015

Well, hello there...

9pm on a random Sunday evening seems like the perfect time to bring this poor blog back to life.  Why not?!

Life has been crazy.  Isn't it for everyone?  We'll play a quick game of catch up and then I'll do my best to be a more regular blogger.  I miss the outlet.  I miss writing.  I also miss reading back over the things I've written.  So maybe, just maybe, this time for real, this comeback will truly happen.

Random bullet points of what's been happening and really whatever comes to mind:

  • We bought a house.  Officially grownups now.  It takes a lot of work.
  • 4/5 of my children are now in school all day. (Jonny started kindergarten in the fall.)
  • I was trying to figure out what I want to do with my life once Euan starts school in 2 years (besides running all day of course) and decided I should go back to school too.
  • I enrolled at a local community college to take a few pre req courses I need in order to apply for the nursing program.
  • I'm a little over halfway through the first term.  
  • I'm taking 11 credits.  Two classes on campus and one online.
  • I like being a student.
  • It's hard being a student and a mom.
  • Sometimes I fail a bit at both.
  • I'm getting better at not procrastinating things.
  • When I procrastinate my school work, then things come up (like having to take Euan to urgent care) and I have to scramble to get my school work done in time.
  • Euan had to have two staples in his head last night.
  • He dove off the piano and ended up bleeding.
  • I wasn't sure if he needed to go in, but all my good pediatric friends were unavailable for consult, so I figured I probably shouldn't mess around with a profusely bleeding head wound (it actually looked worse in person). 
  • Plus, my mom said it'd would be a good idea to have it checked out.
  • One is never too old to ask their mom for help.
  • He's going to be just fine.  Staples were probably a bit excessive, but they didn't offer me the glue at Urgent Care.
  • Running is awesome.
  • We're between training plans at the moment but working towards accomplishing 2015 miles for the year.
  • That is all Heather's doing.
  • I've done a horrible job of keeping track of my miles this year.
  • I've actually been doing a bit of stroller running again.
  • I think it makes me faster.
  • Heather thinks so too.
  • Sometimes she convinces Euan to let her push too.
  • Sometimes he convinces me that he should push himself.
  • Training for American River 50, starts in a week.
  • Haven't registered yet, but will before the price increases at the end of the month.
  • I'm not currently registered for any races.
  • Haven't raced since September (and that was a 5K and really doesn't count) and probably won't again this year.
  • I'm okay with that.
  • I guess I did run a 10K with Emme...but I didn't race it.
  • I should probably blog about that.  She'd like to read it.
  • I got to try out a new SaltStick product during my long run on Saturday.  I really like it. 
  • Look for a review and giveaway soon.  Hooray!
  • My favorite holiday is coming up.
  • Thanksgiving!!!
  • (also my birthday...not the same day...actually my birthday is first, but I don't love it quite as much as Thanksgiving)
  • I think Dan secretly hates birthdays, so sometimes I try to downplay how much I love them.
  • Speaking of Dan, he grew a beard.
  • I kind of dig it.
  • Okay, maybe we aren't grownups.
  • Anyway...Thanksgiving!!! Yay!!! Food!!!!
  • Also, Fall.  
  • Loving Fall and all the colors.
  • This is good.  I've missed my blog.
  • Looking forward to a comeback.
  • Happy Sunday night...Have a fabulous week!


Raina R. said...

Dang! The head looks bad. Glad you went in, but that kind of thing is always hard to judge. Stitches .. or no? It's a tough balance, but it sounds like you are doing a great job of it. AND getting a blog written! wow.
I took my jog stroller to play it again sports. I probably should have kept it, but since all the boys ride bikes now it helped fund my hood to coast trip.

Dick said...

Based on what I know about Euan, this is just the beginning. Good luck! Glad you're blogging again...we enjoy reading your posts!

Jenna Lovell said...

Thanks for the fun post! Even though it's addressed to anyone and everyone, I like how it reminds me that you and I are friends :). And I always love hearing about your running. Glad you're back!

Corrina said...

I went back to school a few years ago and got my nursing degree! Such a good decision. I've been an RN for almost a year now. Love it so much. And yes--it's SUPER hard balancing family and school, but it's worth it on the other side :)

Pahla Bowers said...

I can't believe it took me so long to read this - we're both getting worse at this blogging thing rather than better! :)
First, Happy Birthday this week!
Second, OMG, I cannot WAIT for you to run the AR 50!!!!! As you may know, it is one of my most favorite races ever, and I am secretly hoping to run it again myself this year! (It falls right smack dab in the middle of track season, and it's on a Saturday, so we frequently have a conflict with a meet and I don't like to miss meets.) Either way, if I run it or not, I would LOVE to meet up with you. And I'm happy to offer help in the way of answering course questions and whatnot, since it's right here in my back yard. :)