Tuesday, November 24, 2015

18 miles...on a Tuesday?!

Before I get into how we have truly mixed up our running schedule this week, I think it's important to note that on Friday, I celebrated my "closer to 40 than 30"th birthday.  It was actually a fabulous day, filled with awesomeness that made turning 36, not such a horrible thing.  Heather's husband, Doug, volunteered to watch Euan so that I could sleep in and join Heather for a mid-morning trail run. We did 8 miles on the foggy cold trails and it was awesome!
There is truly something magical about running in the fog filled woods.
Then, Heather gave me my "real" birthday present.  When she asked me what I wanted, I told her I just wanted to go for a run...well, apparently she wasn't satisfied with the measly 8 miles we planned and completely outdid herself, with this awesomeness!!!
I seriously almost cried...such a thoughtful and generous gift! I love the fine print.

Then I came home to a lovely sign from Emme

and some super tasty Challa bread from my friend Marci
You better believe that didn't last long.  Yummy!
as well as some other lovely things from my family...including a sweet old bike from my grandma and sister...but that will deserve a post of it's own, so no pictures right now.
Also, Dan brought me some flowers

and we went to dinner and a movie (Spectre, which I thought was great but I'm quite sad to see that Daniel Craig is looking older...don't get me wrong, he still looks great but his time to move on from being James Bond is unfortunately here).  I got quite a few nice messages from friends and family too...it was an all around great day and I felt quite loved.

Anyway, the week went well and we hit all of our mileage, rounding us out at 41 miles for Week 1 of American River 50 training.

So, here we are 2 days into week 2...  The planned schedule for the week, is as follows:
M-6, T-8, W-6, F-8, Sa-18 for a total of 46 miles.

Well, with Thanksgiving and doctor appointments (Heather for her knee...hopefully all goes well there) and traveling, we made a few adjustments, one of the most notable being moving our long run to today.  Doug came to the rescue again (I really lucked out in the friend department).  We took Euan out for 4 miles in the stroller then met up with Doug who took Euan home with him so that we could do the remaining 14 sans stroller and its  grumpy little boy.  It was a pretty uneventful run, we kept a decent pace (9:05 average for the whole 18) and managed to get home in plenty of time for me to get a shower and go over some sentences for my medical terminology oral exam that was at 12:45.  (In case you're wondering, I rocked it, getting 50 out of 50 possible points, which means, assuming I don't totally bomb the next two quizzes and the final, I should be able to easily get an A in the class!!) Anyway, I don't think that I've ever run that far on a weekday morning, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I fear that I might need to find some sort of caffeinated beverage however if I'm going to make it through my chemistry class this evening.  And, as I'm sitting here typing this, I'm remembering that I have yet to stretch or roll or do anything in the way of recovery...so I'd better get on that or I might not be able to walk after sitting through 2 hours of chemistry.  :S

So, our revised schedule for week 2 is as follows:
M-6, T-18, W-8, Th-6 and Sa-8  Like I said last post...it's okay to change things up when you need to!

We both decided we'd like to do some running on Thanksgiving morning and Heather will be hitting up the Black Friday sales with her sister so we moved our normal Thursday rest day to Friday.  We're hoping to do 6 miles of trails before my family and I leave town for the weekend.  I have a feeling that come Friday morning, we will be really looking forward to that rest day!

In case I don't get back to this blog before Thursday, have an amazing Thanksgiving break.  Eat a lot of tasty food, enjoy time with family and friends, be kind while shopping and spend some time outside enjoying your surroundings.

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