Friday, February 13, 2015

Muddy trail true valentine.

It's race day's also Friday the 13th...and technically, it isn't really a race's a long run as part of our 50 mile training plan that just so happens to be taking place at an event I've paid to participate in and will get an awesome shirt and a cool pair of socks (assuming I finish).  Yeah, kind of sounds like a race.  So, happy race day eve!  The race event I'm referring to is the Hagg Lake 50K and rumor has it there will be a fair amount of mud.  In fact, the weekend itself consists of a 50K on Saturday and a 25K on Sunday and is billed as the ORRC (Oregon Road Runners Club) Hagg Lake Mud Runs.  Luckily, this year though, it hasn't rained since last weekend and it's looking like mostly sunny skies to round out this weekend, which should make for somewhat drier trails.  It should definitely be better than last year when it poured the whole time and there were knee deep mud puddles...or so I've read, here and here.   I'm not too afraid of mud, I've seen my share of muddy courses, in fact our last 50K (The Oregon Coast 50K last October that I've yet to blog about) had one of those hilariously muddy hills that you slide back about 3 feet for every foot that you climb and can't help but laugh at the absurdness of it all. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.  Should be a great time.

Heather and our friend Katie are running too.  As is Katie's husband.  He has a decent shot of winning the race, mostly because that's just what he does.  This will be Katie's first ultra.  She's worked really hard in the just over a month she's had to prepare for it.  Unfortunately, however, she dislocated two ribs the day before yesterday.  Ouch!  She's been to the chiropractor a couple of times and is feeling better but still pretty sore.  Luckily she'll only need legs to run 31 miles.  HAHAHAHAHA!  She's a tough girl though and will still soldier through it all, it's just a bit unfortunate that she won't be going in totally healthy.  So, with Katie hurt and Heather and I merely running for the miles, it could make for a long day.  Good thing muddy trails are one of my big loves because it doesn't look like I'll be doing much else for Valentine's Day.

Being Valentine's Day though, I decided race day wear needed to be somewhat festive.  It took me a bit to figure out a combo that I was happy with, actually it took a long bit, long enough that Euan got bored and took a nap in my closet.
Finally, with some help from Heather (who happened to stop by at the right time) and a little fashion show for Dan and Emme last night, I settled on a red tank, black skirt and cherry blossom arm sleeves.
 I'll pretend that you care (and are actually reading this) and bring out my inner fashion blogger to tell you that the tank is the Scantron tank from Oiselle via clearance at, the skirt is a really old black one from Lululemon, the arm sleeves are from Sugoi but I got them on clearance through Amazon a million years ago and can't find them anywhere...they're fleece lined and super toasty though, the socks are from and they are the first pair of compression socks I they are old and have a hole but I'm going to wear them anyway because they have hearts, the shoes are the Pearl iZumi EM Trail N2 (also via runningwarehouse) and the headband has little red hearts on it and is from an etsy shop.

Unfortunately, Wallace thought it would look better covered in cat hair  :( (Wally gets called by his full name when he does bad things like this.) It really doesn't matter though, because chances are after a few miles it will all be covered in mud.  :)

Hopefully, despite the month off of blogging I just took (again!!!) I'll get back on here early next week for a legit race report.  Have a fantastically romantic valentine's weekend (or at least a nice and muddy one) doing something you love with the people you love.

Oh, and as a disclaimer and in case Dan ever reads my blog again, he is still my one and only valentine.  He knows where he stands with my trail running and that although if a decision ever had to be made between him and the trails it might take a while...I'd eventually make the right choice.  HA!

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Pahla Bowers said...

I'm laughing so hard right now. My pets get called by their full (including middle!) names when they've been naughty, too.
Your outfit is fabulous and very festive/cute/awesome! Please come back and write a race report so we can see more pictures of it. :) Good luck tomorrow!!