Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Girls Gone Rogue: 2 Days and 40 miles on the Rogue River Trail Part 2

(if you missed part 1 (which I posted several months ago) you can read it HERE.)

Saturday, July 12th... Day 2 Plan:  Paradise Lodge to Foster Bar 13ish miles

We woke up Saturday morning with a nice leisurely attitude.  We weren't in a big rush to get on the trail and the lodge wasn't serving breakfast until 8am so I don't think we even set alarms.  On our way to breakfast we happened upon this pile of loveliness
(spoiler alert) it was the closest we got to a bear... apparently pretty close, but we slept through it.
Heather's bed was right there by that open window on the bottom...pretty close.
Breakfast was pancakes, eggs, sausage, ham and orange juice.  It was good and I ate too much.  I think we all did, so we took our time getting our packs loaded and went on a picture tour of the lodge.  The sauna might have been nice in a cooler month...
 although, I'm not sure how I would've felt about this guy staring at me while I was getting toasty.
We also found the Fountain of Youth
 and the best looking guy on the trail.
Enough dilly dallying though, the day was wasting away and it was time to get back on the trail.
 Leslie pointed the way and we were off...
 which sounds a lot more simple than it was.  We headed in the direction the sign sent us, but ended up wandering around the property a bit before we found the actual way and were truly on our way.
 Once we did though, we found ourselves in a beautifully lush forest,
 followed by high up views of the Rogue River,
 and then wonderful waterfalls and bridges.
 Honestly, there was a little bit of everything.
 With no real rush, and only a little over a half marathon to run, we took our time seeing the sites and relaxing under freezing cold waterfalls

 and jumping off of rocks into the river.
But, alas, the day wasn't getting any cooler and we had to finish at some point, so we left the water behind and headed inland to find our way towards Foster Bar.
 I won't lie, there was a fair amount of walking towards the end of day 2.  There was this horrible section that was full of switchbacks up the mountain and then right back down.  It was crazy, we seriously covered close to 2 miles but had only moved about 1/2 a mile laterally.
 We had to take a quick stop at "Dan's Creek".  I figured if I came home with a picture of me getting all snuggly with Big Foot, I better at least take a pic with a creek named after my husband.
 Then we came out of the forest and it was a whole lot of open dried fields, with no shade and no water coverage.  I think we all agreed that it was our least favorite part of the adventure.  If we were to do a down and back trip, I think that we opt to turn around before reaching Foster Bar...right about at the entrance to these fields.
 However, before long, we were at the entrance to Foster Bar and happy to be almost done.
 A few hundred more feet and we were once again reunited with the Rogue River and what should've been the end of our running, which was a good thing because we had each pretty much drained our water.
 But wait! My watch didn't quite have the mileage to make the whole trip add up to 40 miles.  So what do any crazy tired runners do...well serpentine through the parking lot until those magical numbers are reached of course!
I'm pretty sure that Leslie thought we were insane as she didn't take part, but she was kind enough to get some nice photo documentation of Heather and my obsessiveness.

Day 2 Stats:
12.81 miles (for a total of exactly 40 overall)
2:42:24 total time
12:41 average pace
2,137 feet elevation gain
2,317 feet elevation loss

In summary, it was one of the most amazing adventures I've had to date. I couldn't have asked for better company or better conditions. We were so blessed with the perfect weather, especially on the first day when we had overcast skies.  I don't think I would've done anything differently.  I was happy with my pack and my clothing and my fueling as well as hydrating.  Definitely an adventure worth repeating...or maybe we should go down and back next time... anyone up for an adventure?

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Raina R. said...

I AM!!!
Why the heck didn't you invite me?

What an incredible time! Now i have to go back and read part one, because I had no idea you did this. I've been trying to figure out how to do this trail and who to do it with for a year or two. I'm so glad you got to enjoy it!