Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday again?!

Seriously, where did this week go?  It got off to  slow start but then ended in a blur.  I had great intentions of blogging a bit more than I did, but at least I've been somewhat consistent with this rebound into the blogging world.  Anyway, here is some randomness to end the week:

I ended up taking off Monday, like I mentioned earlier in the week and never did make up the missed mileage.  I think it was a good call.  My hammy is still giving me a little bit of issue, but nothing out of the ordinary (for me) and after resting Sunday until Wednesday my hip doesn't seem to be having any residual issues from Saturday's run.  I did run 8 miles on Wed and 6 this morning.  We have 16 on tap for tomorrow and then this first week of 50 mile training will be in the books.  I didn't do as well with cross training as I had intended to do this week.  That is my big goal for this year.  I'm thinking about hitting up some lap swimming next week.  I think in order to be motivated to actually do legit cross training I need to go somewhere.  Also, I'm a fish and I miss the water.

Last night we went to art walk at my kiddos elementary school.  Calvin's project was "paint it big" and he spent the entire art block working on a giant O.
 I think he ended up coming home most days covered in more green than his painting did.  Leona's project was "trees" and she made some pretty cool things out of sticks and leaves.  She was most proud of this creation, however, that she made for our cat.

In other news, Euan (and Jonny but I don't have picture evidence) has turned into quite a little gamer.  Yay, all my dreams are coming boys are gamers.  (Hopefully, the sarcasm is evident even through the computer screen.)

Well, it's now 5:17 on a Friday night.  Let the excitement begin... either that or dinner preparations.

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Raina R. said...

The games... I tried to resist forever. Now my phone has some sort of yoda starwars game on it. sigh.
I hope you had a good dinner and that the hammy keeps behaving!