Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Best praise yet and silly animal hats.

Today, out of nowhere, I thought it would be a great idea to clean the toilet in my bathroom.  It probably wasn't out of nowhere, it was probably more out of an, "ewww that toilet bowl looks disgusting, when was the last time I cleaned it?!" kind of thought, but it definitely wasn't something that I had on the list (that I keep in my head) of things to do today.  Anyway, in the middle of brushing out the inside of the bowl, Euan walked in on me and started cheering.  I kid you not, he forgot whatever it was he was coming in for and went into a full on cheer, "Yay! Great job Mommy.  Go, Mommy! Go, Mommy" and when I was done he again said, "Great job." and followed it up with "Wow, that was fast!".  I have never seen such enthusiasm over a little bit of disgusting housework.  I think if I got that kind of reaction over all my tedious chores, I'd probably be more inclined to do them more regularly.  That kid surely keeps me on my toes.
In running news, Heather and I did a nice and somewhat hilly 5 miles this morning.  It was cold and foggy but it was a great run.  It was a somewhat new route for us, in that we took pieces of a couple other routes we normally do and made a new one.  I tend to get tired of running the same routes week after week so I think it's good to change it up whenever possible.

Speaking of fog, we've had low hanging fog all day long.  I don't mind a little bit of fog now and again, but this fog has lasted all day and is apparently supposed to last into the weekend.  It makes the world seem cold and dreary.  I could definitely go for a little peek of sunshine or even a full on downpour to change it up a bit.  In an attempt to fight of the depression fog, the littles and I hit up Target (Target can cure almost everything) where we found some really cute beanies on clearance.  They both talked me into getting them didn't take too much convincing.  
 Jonny's is a raccoon and Euan got a lion.  I told Euan that Leona was going to want to steal his but he didn't seem to think so.  Look who has been wearing it around ever since she got home from school.  Looks like I do know everything.

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