Thursday, July 3, 2014

I miss you, blog.

This poor blog. I really do miss it. Every time I think that I'm going to get it going again, I don't. I have great intentions this time though. No promises, but even if it's nothing meaningful, I hope to manage at least a weekly post. 

So, this will be far from being a catch up post but I think I can manage at least a little bit of updating. Summer is in full swing. School is out and we are spending most of our time at the pool or park hopping. Life is exhausting and busy with all 5 kids home all day, every day but it's also been a blast. 

Running is going quite well. I've failed to report on my two most recent races, Hippie Chick Half, which was a success despite not really racing it and the Newport Marathon which was a complete disaster, despite not really racing it. Hopefully I will write up some reports on them soon. Next weekend, Heather, our friend Leslie and I have a grand adventure we've been training for. (I'll write about it after we're done...just in case I have any crazy stalkers that have been waiting around the last 6 months to see if I'm going to disclose where I might be running soon. We already have to worry about bears and snakes and bugs I don't want to worry about some creepy person jumping out of the bushes at us too.) We've been hitting up a lot of trails, which makes me super happy. 
Emme has been running too. She spent the spring running for Emerald Valley Track Club. She opted out of the meets, she really isn't that competitive, but had fun doing the distance workouts. Her season will culminate tomorrow when she and I run the Butte to Butte 10K. I do promise to promptly write about that.

Well, that's it for now. I should probably get back to doing all the things I'm putting off doing by deciding out of nowhere I need to revive, again for the millionth time, this blog. :)

Here are a few more random pics that make me happy, just because. 

And a good quote I saw floating around somewhere. 

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