Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our week so far...

This week has been amazing!  Really, the week has been about the same as normal but the weather has been more than amazing, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s!!!! Really, you give me any day with temperatures like that and no matter what happened, I'm sure to say that it was a great day.

Monday, was the beginning of the warmer weather.  Heather and I took a nice little 6 mile recovery run down by the river...we didn't see anyone living in a van though.  Ha!  Then after the littles and I dropped Leona off at school we took our magnifying glasses on an adventure.
Like most of our mid-day walking adventures, we ended up in the cemetery.  It's only a short walk from our house and has lots to look at and all sort of exciting names to read (that's Jonny's favorite part).    We've been there countless times, but this was the first time we actually noticed an entire plot dedicated to the Higgins.  Jonny thought that that was way cool!
You'll have to believe me that it says "Higgins"
Posing on a stump...not a fresh plot.  I'm not that horrible.
 Tuesday, was Dan's birthday.  He has been claiming that he doesn't get a birthday this year (because he forgot literally forgot it) but since I like birthdays so much we decided to celebrate anyway.  Jonny, Euan and I met him for lunch.  We visited a tasty street vendor not too far from Dan's work where Dan enjoyed a Shrimp Po'Boy, I had a Cajun Chicken Sandwich and the boys decided they weren't really big fans of Crawfish Beignets... so they mostly had fries.  Well, fries and a soda, Jonny was really excited about that.  In fact the only picture I have from Dan's birthday is Jonny, posing with his soda (in front of a gilded lion of course).

Yesterday, Wednesday, started off with awesome mile repeats.  I ran with Heather and we met up with Leslie and it was a beautiful morning.  We ran on a one mile bark trail and the sun was just coming up and there was misty fog in the swampy areas and the flowers were blooming and the greens were green and the grass was misty... you'll just have to take my word for it that it was gorgeous because I didn't have my phone to take a picture.  Of course, my repeats went very well, so maybe that contributed to the fact that I thought it was such a great start to the day. They were 7:09, 7:04, 7:09 and 7:05 respectively.  Heather, ended up fighting with an angry hamstring, so she might not have such a glowing remembrance of the morning.  After that the day was pretty much as usual, Euan has a cold and was needy and the kids got out of school early and were ornery, but the temperature was 83, so as far as I'm concerned, life was great!

Today, is a rest day and we've been invited to go swimming and when you get the opportunity to go swimming in 80+ degree weather on the 1st of May, you do not turn that down!

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Janet said...

What beautiful weather and kids. I hope your whole summer goes so well. Happy May day.