Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Views from my runs.

I'm not sure that I've mentioned it much, since I haven't been blogging much, but I am so happy to be back in Eugene, where I can log most of my mileage on the beautiful paths along the Willametter River.  Saturday, Heather and I met up with our friend Leslie for a nice long run along the river where I actually took the time to take in some of the sights.  I know that technically it is vandalism, but I'm kind of a big fan of graffiti.  I guess it probably depends on where it is and whether or not it is vulgar, but when it comes to nice quotes and pretty pictures, I'm all about it.  On Saturday, there was a quite a bit to see:
 This yellow whale wasn't half as professional looking as the sea creatures across the path, but I kind of have a soft spot for big smiling whales.
Maybe next time, I'll try to do a panoramic picture so that I can get the whole pic in one frame.  :)
And then, there was just the beautiful greenery that is Eugene...I love it here!
It was honestly a great morning for a run and the run itself went well.  Heather and I did 4.5 and then met up with Leslie for another 12.5 along the river.  The last 3.5 we did at Leslie's half marathon race pace.  We've been meeting up a fair amount with Leslie on our long run days and she is a big fan of finishing strong, which I think is going to be really good for us in the long run.  This weekend we plan to do 18-19 with the last 4ish at race pace.

Yesterday, I had a nice and easy 5 miles in the morning, yet it was one of those days, where those miles just weren't quite enough for me and by the time Dan got home from work, I could feel myself itching to get back out there.  Finally, a little after 9, the kids were in bed and the rain was coming down and I was out the door.  I didn't have any real distance goal in mind, just a few mind clearing miles.  I ended up at the bark loop near my house for a few miles, which was great.  I think my favorite thing about the run was wearing my super reflective shoes.  (They are the Skora Phase X.  They are a very minimal shoe and I love them, but I save them for shorter runs or times when I know I'll be running on softer surfaces.  Maybe I'll review them soon.)  It was hard not to run along and just watch my feet.  It was kind of mesmerizing, like having little glow worms on my feet.  I tried to take a video...it was fairly difficult to do, in the dark and rain, while running, which is why my speed is all wonking and I'm not really going in a straight line, but you can kind of get the idea.  (If you have the sound on, I apologize for my sniffling... better yet, turn the sound off.)
So, anyway, running is going well.  I'm enjoying it in the light and I'm enjoying it in the dark.  :)


Marci said...

Very nice post. I'm jealous. I especially liked the whale in two photos. I don't think the panoramic would have been near as cool.

Diana Martinez said...

Those shoes are so weirdly cool! =)

Heather said...

Happy un-retirement to your blog! So happy to see it back in action. Funny that even though I log a large majority of my weekly miles WITH you, I still learn things I didn't know when I read your blog. Perhaps you need to work on more self-disclosure while running...or I need to work on not running my mouth so much that you have a chance to get a few words in!