Thursday, April 17, 2014

The problem with warm sunny weather...

is that (especially in the spring) I know it's going to come to and end.  Nevertheless, it's still hard not to get  a little bit depressed when the day is met with drizzly skies and the next 10 days seem to promise a whole lot more of it (with hopefully an occasional sun break).  I always know that the rain is coming, so I do my best to soak up those sun rays whenever possible... hoping that they'll carry me through the grey and dismal times.
In an attempt to keep the name of this blog honest (seriously, my stroller running has all but diminished, leaving me questioning a name change), on Monday, I opted to trade my normal early morning run with Heather for a late morning/early afternoon stroller run with my littles.  With the sunny weather we had been having, we had been park hopping and I decided if we were to combine that with a run, we could go to a much further park, which got the boys really excited.  We packed a lunch, dropped Leona (who didn't really believe that she was going to have more fun in class then she would on a stroller picnic at the park) off at school and headed down by the river for the 3+ mile trip to the RiverPlay Discovery Village Playground at the base of Skinner's Butte.  Before we could get there though, we had to take a trip by Autzen Stadium to pay homage to our Ducks then stop off at Alton Baker park to pay homage to the geese.
 Euan was not a very big fan of the geese and thought that they would be better off in the water.  He was also not very shy about telling them so.
(translation: "Water! Water! Nooooooow! Nooooooooow!!)
Jonny, on the other hand, just wanted to dance with them, which unfortunately I didn't get on was pretty sweet, that kid has some awesome moves!
After the duck pond, filled with geese, it was across the bridge,
where we, again, had to stop to see the sights
 and take a selfie, of course.
After only a few more brief stops, to look at signs while everyone stayed in the stroller, we made it to the park.
I love this park (especially, during a school day when it isn't swarming with billions of kids and random adults, leaving me feeling a tad overwhelmed with watching my own) and could only imagine how incredibly cool I would think it was if I was a kid.  Unfortunately, in the last few years, it seems to have taken on quite a bit of wear and tear but it's still the coolest park in Eugene and my kiddos didn't seem to see any problems with it.  The "big, big slide" was definitely a big, big hit.
I might have had to give Euan a gentle nudge with my foot the first time. :P
After lunch and playing for a while, it was time to head home.  It was a very peaceful trip, without any stops and I was able to get in the stroller pushing groove and just enjoy the scenery.  (Actually, I was trying to use the scenery to distract my body from realizing the 7+ mile stroller run I had planned was not in my muscle memory and it hurt!)
It turned out that all of the climbing to the top of the big, big slide had finally caught up to my boys and they slept peacefully for the last 2 miles of the run, all the way through my shower and didn't even stir until the older kiddos got home from school (which no one could possibly sleep through).

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Marci said...

This post made me so happy. I especially love the photo with your cute little foot. Genius! P.S. You are such a good mom.