Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break and Pinewood Derby

In an attempt to get things caught up on this blog, I'll probably be doing some random posts that aren't necessarily in chronological order.  Today, I finally uploaded a bunch of pictures off my phone, so it seems like a good time to talk about spring break and in turn the pinewood derby (they're slightly related).

Spring break was almost a month ago and we didn't do anything super spectacular.  The kids and I went to Klamath Falls to hang out with my parents and grandma.  We also got to see two of my brothers, my sister and a few cousins.  My parent's home was quite the revolving door of coming and going family members.  We had hoped for nice warm weather, but unfortunately, it was cold and rainy most of the time we were there.  In fact, we even got to experience a few snow flurries.

This pic was actually on the drive home, but you get the idea.
What, it's not safe to take a picture with your cell phone while driving in a snow storm?!

While we were in Klamath Falls, I was able to get in most of my scheduled runs on the OC&E Trail.  I know I've said it a million times on here, but I'm a pretty big fan of this trail. Something about running in a straight line for mile after mile, with nothing but cows and farmland around really appeals to me.  It's rare to come across another runner (especially early in the morning) and even cyclists are few and far between.
Hmm, someone looks like she's been staying up too late and still getting up early to run.
The only run that I veered from the trail was my long run.  My sister was supposed to ride with me, but she opted to sleep in.  I headed out solo for 17+ miles with a route in my mind (that I had previously done twice with my dad on his bike.  Here and here, if you're really bored) and realized at the first big road choice, I really wasn't sure of the route.  I went to call my dad and my phone immediately shut off and wouldn't turn back on.  Seriously?! Anyway, I spent the rest of my run, second guessing the route, being angry at my phone for dying and realizing that a week of little sleep and hard workouts at elevation was finally catching up to me.  I did eventually make it back to my parents house and despite my doubts didn't miss any turns...I was however, ready to be done!

Later on that Saturday, the girls (and Euan because he was being a super grump and couldn't be left home) went to a special church broadcast followed by a trip to Baskin Robbins.  That sure cured Euan's grumpiness!

My dad and Calvin, spent a fair amount of Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon working on Calvin's pinewood derby car.  They didn't quite get done, so Calvin was sent home with the job to sand and paint it and my parent's were cool enough to come up to Eugene the following weekend to help get the wheels set and get it weighted properly.  Being the good photographer that I am, I didn't think to get any pictures until it was almost too late.
 With great anticipation, race day finally got here and Calvin's car was weighed in and ready to race. (Car #3 in the picture below.)
There were some pretty cool looking cars.  One of my favorites, was the pencil car, #24 below.  Spoiler alert, it lost all 4 rounds to Calvin's car (they were in the same heat) and that Oregon car in the foreground, was the overall winner.  It was very, very, very fast.
I was pretty impressed with the way the races were run and the track.  
 Each car, raced 4 times, once in each lane and each heat was electronically timed.  Then when all the cars had done their 4 races the times were averaged out to find the overall fastest car.  It was very impressive.  These two little boys were pretty impressed too.
Then they brought out the ice cream cones and all the kids went crazy!!

Leona had an extreme amount of energy to get out, so she decided to do her "workout routine".

 After a fair amount of tabulating and kids going crazy and the need to mop up several different spills...
Not everyday, you see someone mopping in a suit and tie.  Maybe if lawerying doesn't work out, Dan can start a well-dressed janitorial service.
the results were in and Calvin's car took second place overall.  Needless to say, he was a little bit excited!
 All in all, it was a super fun evening together as a family, everyone came home happy, especially the boy with the large trophy.  :)


Marci said...

Thank goodness! I have missed your blog and I am so happy to see this update. Your kids are so cute!

Dick said...

Glad you're posting again, and glad that Calvin's car did well. It was fun helping him build it...wish we could have been there to watch his races!!