Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter happened.

I have a bunch of stuff to do, mostly unpleasant, so it seems like a good time to try and catch up a bit on here.  I've been meaning to blog a bit about April Fool's Day, but since we're approaching a month out from that, I may as well procrastinate it a bit more and instead get down in words and pictures our Easter happenings for this year.

Easter kind of sneaked up on me.  Something about it being so incredibly late in the season, really made it seem off.  Did you know how the Easter date is determined?  I do, now... thanks to lovely Google, "How is the date for Easter determined?" Apparently, it is the first Sunday after the full moon, following the March equinox.  Interesting, no?  Anyway....

So, Easter weekend, was a week ago, yesterday.  I went for my long run on Saturday and got home just  in time to take a shower and only be 5 minutes late to the church sponsored Easter Egg hunt we had planned to attend.  It was rainy and cold, but the kiddos seemed to have a great time, despite the fact that we rushed out of the house so quickly that not a single one of them had on a rain coat.  The littles seemed to really get into it and were all about showing me their eggs. The older ones were too busy searching for older kid eggs to actually pause and get their pics, lets face it, they really aren't as cute any more so they just don't see as much camera time.  Ha!
They did manage to pause for a moment for a group shot, while they were showing Dan eating their loot.
From Easter Egg hunting, we hurried on to Calvin's soccer game, where his team won handily (12-1) and we managed to avoid any major rain showers.  Then it was back to home for a quick dinner, showers and some Easter Egg coloring.  Unlike last year, we actually managed to do it before Easter this year. Win!
 Euan, having not participated previously, was a big fan.  Mostly though, he was about quantity...wanting to get the most eggs in the same color as possible.
The kids then had a sleepover in the playroom, where they managed to stay in bed until just after 7am.  With church not starting until 11:30, I may have threatened them with canceling any chocolate eating if I even heard them before 7.  As soon as that clock hit 7 though, they were up and ready to find the eggs and their baskets.
 Euan was especially excited about the chocolate. He would come up to me with these puppy dog eyes and hold it up and say, "please".  Unluckily for him, he's my 5th kid and those puppy dog eyes aren't all that effective anymore, so his morning wasn't quite as chocolate filled as he would've liked.
After the fun and the candy rush wore off, we got dressed up and headed to church.  It was nice and then it was over and we were already piling into the car when I realized that again, I had failed to do some sort of family picture.  Knowing that the minute we drove out of the parking lot Euan and Jonny would be asleep and when we got home everyone would want to change, I made everyone climb back out to take a couple of quick pictures on the church lawn.  I think I managed to get about a dozen taken, but only the very first one had everyone actually looking mostly in the direction of the camera.
Oh, and Dan and I were there too.

So, that was Easter, it was happy.  Hope you had a happy Easter too.


Diana Martinez said...

Sounds like a fun Easter! We completely forgot to dye eggs this year. Oh, well. =)

Dick said...

We LOVE our grand kids...wish we could have been there to see the fun. Easter just isn't the same when the "kids" looking for Easter Baskets are 24 and 21. Glad you're posting on a somewhat regular basis!