Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little things that make me happy...

Sometimes, especially, when it's grey and cold outside I have trouble finding things to make me happy. Today, though, in an attempt to be productive, I did some cleaning and came across these wonderful art pieces. Very little makes me happier than happy little kid drawings.

The first two are compliments of miss Leona. I'm loving our stripy socks and astrological shirts.
This, is an owl. :)
These two are Jonny's masterpieces. Dan, is obviously the bald one.
Although, this alien man happens to be on the wall of our laundry room (ugh) I can't help but smile every time I see it. Hopefully our landlord will appreciate it too.

Happy Monday.  Hopefully you've found something to make you happy today too.


Elizabeth said...

I love the art work! Happy Monday, well Tuesday now.

Pahla Bowers said...

And now it's Happy Wednesday! :) There are few things that make me happier than old drawings from my kids who are now waaaaaaaaaay past the alien man stage. That owl is precious!!