Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween happened...

I just cannot get on top of this blogging thing.  I actually started a race report yesterday, but life happened and it sits unfinished.  I have two race reports to do (technically 3, if you want to include the race I failed to write about almost a year ago!) and I will, hopefully this week, but not right now.  I've been catching up on some friends' blogs and realized that I never even talked about Halloween... one of my favorite holidays, so here goes:

Unlike last year, we actually carved our pumpkins this year. Although, when it came time to put candles in them, I couldn't find any so they sat on our porch unlit.  Next year, next year, hopefully, we will really do pumpkins...
 Euan was a little hesitant at first, but then he decided that it was fun to stick his hands in the slime and throw pumpkin seeds all over the place.
Apparently I managed to not get a single picture of Calvin or Jonny.  They were there enjoying their pumpkins too, and I don't even love them any less... just don't have any photo evidence.  :)
L to R: Emme, Calvin, Leona, Euan & Jonny.  Dan's sits in the back uncarved.
As for costumes, this year's halloween came directly after moving, which meant easy peasy and somewhat repeated halloween costumes.  For the first time in quite a while, there was very little premeditation and absolutely no sewing.  Emmeline wanted to be a gypsy and so she was.  A quick trip to Value Village and she had a skirt, a scarf, a shirt and a bag.  I threw in another scarf and some jewelry and she was good to go.

Calvin, last minute, (seriously, the night before Halloween) decided to be a vampire.  He wore his old Darth Vader cape to school with some vampire teeth.
Leona, wanted to be a pumpkin again... a repeat from 2 years ago.  Still fits her about the same.  Ha!
Jonny (this time being the older brother, he was Luigi in 2010) got to be Mario and Euan had to settle for Luigi.  Euan was kind of sick and not really into it, but he didn't really have much of a choice.
 Although, when we went shopping to "upgrade" Calvin's costume, he was a bit embarrassed to be wearing the hat I think.  I tried to explain to him that at Goodwill, the wackier the outfit the better, but he wasn't buying it.
We were able to trick or treat at the courthouse, which was a big hit and allowed a nice series of group shots before we took off.  Euan was definitely not into the mustache.
I did make him take one pic with it on though... I'm such a mean mom.  You could almost pretend that he is smiling under there.
Trick or treating at Dan's work went well.  I was sure relieved to have some adult backup with the sicko.
The kids practically filled their buckets and I almost didn't see the need to hit up the neighborhood, but I was of course outvoted and we took off into the dark world of door to door candy begging.  Euan hated every second until I let him have a tootsie roll pop that kept him quiet and sufficiently sticky until we returned home.

As for candy tallies, they all got lots.  I'd love to say that we are some of those good parents who let them keep a few pieces and then get rid of all the excess but we aren't.  We are candy loving fools and we have all had more than our fair share of the loot.  Note to self, don't plan any races for 2 days after Halloween... it's just not the best way to fuel.  (More on that later.)


me/mom/NANA said...

Thanks for the great post. Those pictures make me both smile and cry. Love and miss you lots!

Marci said...

Your photos are awesome! Euan looked like he enjoyed the holiday about as much as Rosy did. I am a mean mom and I just kept laughing at how sad he looked. He is such a doll.

Elizabeth said...

They sure are cuties. Sounds like a nice Halloween.