Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Excused Absence

I cannot believe it has almost been another month since I last updated this silly blog!  I'm totally giving myself an excused absence this time though... life has been crazy.  I ran a marathon in the Oregon typhoon then came home and spent a week packing, then a weekend moving, then a week living with the kids in a new house, while Dan was still in Coos Bay and then almost 2 weeks without internet.  There, the entire month accounted for.  :)

I'd love to say that everything is all in order now, but of course it isn't.  My goal for today is to get at least 1 room, that's just 1, completely put together without any random junk or boxes in it.  Can you believe we've been in this house for going on 3 weeks and I don't even have one clutter free room?!!!  I'm starting to go just a bit crazy.

As for the rest of life, things are going well.  The kiddos have jumped right into their new schools and seem to be perfectly happy.  Emmeline is participating in a special project that interviews UofO athletes and she loves it.  On Friday, we had the opportunity to go to the Oregon vs Stanford soccer match.  Leona was at a birthday party, but Calvin and Emme loved every minute of it.  Jonny enjoyed the giant pretzel we shared and Euan mostly wanted to try and escape... apparently he isn't too into watching soccer.  Every once in a while I could distract him by pointing out the ball, but after a while that wasn't good enough, he wanted to get the ball for himself.  Needless to say, after fighting him for the entire first half, I was happy to pick up Dan from work and let him take the big kids while the littler kids and I went home to make dinner.  After the match though (an unfortunate 2-1 loss) Emme was able to play media rep and interview her girl, Bri Pugh, whom she said was, very, very nice.

Running.  Well, it's going, sort of.  I've been doing it, sort of.  Silver Falls Marathon is Saturday.  It could be interesting.  Hopefully it is as beautiful as I'm believing it to be... I'm going to need some serious distraction.

Here are some random phone pics from life of late:

Emme and Calvin are truly enjoying walking to school again.
Jonny enjoying some park time. 
Emme... being Emme.
Euan, finding a "better way" to ride.
Leona and her pet ladybug. 
Dan and me enjoying a fantastic duck game and some much needed alone time.  Thanks Stephanie!!


Marci said...

That photo of Euan is going to be my go-to for a moment when I need a smile. You are the best! You are going to have a great race on Saturday I know it!

ErinandShane said...

Time out! Where did you move?

Elizabeth said...

I love the pics. I can't keep up with all the races you run. That is so great. MaKenna would like you to come out here and run a race with her.