Monday, September 23, 2013


I cannot believe how far behind I am on this whole blogging thing.  I guess it's going to take a little bit to get back into the habit.  In the mean time, it's going to be a lot of catch up posts... not necessarily in chronological order, with the occasional up to date post thrown in... hopefully in a somewhat more frequent pattern... but I wouldn't hold my breath for that one if I were you.  Ha!

Anyway, the first day of kindergarten is an amazing milestone in a child's life so that is the focus for today.  Leona started kindergarten on September 9th and is now going on her third full week at school. It is an all day kindergarten and she gets to ride the bus to and from school with Calvin every day.  She is loving it!!

Here is a look at how the first day went:
This would be her "smile big" smile.
I think without much effort she could fit inside her backpack. 
 And after a long first day, one tired little girl emerged from the bus... with her shoes untied and her backpack on upside down.
 For the most part, I think that school is going well.  She loves her teacher and has a couple of "best friends".  So far she has only gotten in trouble once (that I'm aware of) for talking when she should have been listening.  She loves being in school "All. Day. Long." but by the end of the week (especially Friday morning, when it's time to get up) she is one pretty tired little girl.  Last week, she managed to fall asleep on the bus ride home 3 out of 5 times.

As for Jonny and Euan, they're adapting quite well to being the only two kiddos at home for most of the day.  Jonny has definitely taken over as being head dog and thinks he can do whatever he wants, which usually means running around in some state of undress, jumping on the trampoline in his pajamas or turning on the Wii without permission.  Next year, when he is 4 and Euan is 2, I think I'm really going to have my hands full.

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Elizabeth said...

LOVE IT! I see a lot of similarities between Leona and MaKenna's personalities. The fun has just begun and will definitely keep you on your toes. Leona is a smart little girl and will be running the class by the end of the year.