Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grammy!!

For the 3rd year in a row, I think it might just be becoming a tradition, I'm going to wish my grandma happy birthday via this blog.  Now this might seem like a pretty lame way to do it, but I know for a fact my grandma will check my blog, because despite the fact that I took nearly a 3 month vacation from it, she continued to check it regularly. In case you forgot what is is that makes my grammy so incredibly cool, you can read about her last year or the year before.  This year, she is just as cool as ever.

Happy Birthday, Grammy.  We love you lots and lots.  Emme made you a picture that I failed to get in the mail, so I will post it for you here.  It's a birthday cake with lots of other birthday cakes standing on its head.  She did it with waterproof markers then put it in the rain so that it could have the "speckled effect".  I'll mail it to you soon, but I fear that it doesn't look much better in real life. :)

PS I planned to post this much earlier in the day but then my computer died on me and I couldn't get it to take a charge.  So, chances are, you won't actually see this until the day after your birthday, so in that case, happy belated birthday, you're the best!

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