Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to school...

Well, it's been another month since I last blogged, which pretty much means I managed to go almost the entire summer.  I have a lot of catching up to do, but for now, it's been a big week so I'll just stick with the back to school stuff.

On Tuesday, Emmeline and Calvin had their first days back to school, 5th and 3rd grades, respectively.  They were both pretty excited and didn't even fight the back to school photo shoot:
 The other kiddos, then of course wanted in the photos too... well, maybe Euan not so much.
After the Emme and Calvin were off, we did normal morning things then decided that after lunch we should probably celebrate, so we took a trip to frozen yogurt.  Leona was amazed that we would go to frozen yogurt in the middle of the day, "I thought that was only for 'Girls' Night'!" It was Jonny's first time and he was pretty excited too.
 Despite his blurriness, Euan had a blast as well.  He can do some pretty decent damage to a bowl of froyo, I think next time I'll need to get him his own bowl or at least get myself twice as much.
 After the treats, Leona and I were able to go to school to drop off her school supplies and spend some time with her kindergarten teacher.  Her excitement was palpable.  Luckily, her teacher is an adorable little ball of energy too, so it should be a great fit.  Leona can't wait to go for real on Monday.  Every day that Emme and Calvin head off on the bus, Leona is sad that it isn't her turn yet.
 In running news, I've been doing a fair amount of it all summer.  Heather and I have been long distance training partners training for the upcoming Oregon Marathon on September 28th.  Last week though, we had the opportunity to trade in our volunteer spots for participant spots in Saturday's McKenzie River Trail Run.  After a  few seconds of deliberation via texting, we jumped on the chance.    So, surprise, I'm running my 2nd 50K on Saturday! Luckily we have both been putting in enough milage that we will be able to finish it without problem.  I'm not sure that there will be much racing involved, but it should be a fantastic time nonetheless.  I can't wait!

In between those two races, Emmeline and I will also be doing The Prefontaine 10K on September 20th.  She has been doing a great job training for it and although there's a good chance it will involve some walking (it is an extremely hilly course), I know she is going to have an incredible experience.  And, to finish off my fall racing adventures, I signed up to run the Silver Falls Marathon on November 2nd.  It's another trail race and I am excited for it too.

So, that's where life is at the moment.  Now that school is back in session, I plan to be much more regular in my blogging habits.  Stay tuned for a bunch of "what happened over the summer" posts.  :)


Janet said...

Wow. Fun times. Good to hear from you again.

Heather said...

Yay! So happy to find a back to school blog post this morning! And so excited for the MRTR this weekend--we're gonna rock it (or at least have a blast laughing at the sheer craziness of deciding to run a 50k at the last minute--how many people can pull that off???)

Elizabeth said...

Yippee! I've been waiting for the back to school post - I love the pictures and the excitement! I've made a deal with Jake, so maybe we'll see y'all next year for the Pre.

Micha said...

I told Jim like two days ago that I was pretty sure you'd blog again once school was in session :) The kids are so adorable, but Euan is so big! Happy running this weekend!