Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Running makes me happy.

Today, of course, as is the first Wednesday of every June, is National Running Day.  I celebrated, by sleeping in and skipping the run I had planned.  Apparently, this is kind of the norm for me on this auspicious holiday.  When looking back over the previous years' posts, I found that I did the same thing a couple of years ago. Maybe, since I run almost every other day of the year it makes sense that I celebrate by not running?

Also in the Dept. of Redundancy Department, I seem to be unoriginal in the filling out of my "I Run..." badge.  After trying out a few different phrases this year, I settled on "because it makes me happy", well, because it does... running makes me happy.  Apparently, it makes me so happy that I wrote the exact same thing last year.  Although, it should be noted that this year I added a smiley face... that has to count for something, right?!

So, anyway, today I slept in.  Last night I got my clothes ready but today I slept in and you know what, it was great.  We didn't have a single child in our room (usually by 6:30, we have at least 2, one on the floor in his "special bed" and one little crocodile/piranha rolling around on top of us) so when I woke up at 6 and could've easily managed the few short miles I had planned, I instead rolled back over to sleep for 30 more minutes.  I don't regret it.

I haven't run since Newport and I've been okay with the break.  Normally, by now, I'd be itching to get out and run but for whatever reason the time off has felt good to me.  (Ha, because 3 days, is such a long break... ha ha.)  Maybe it's because I've been fighting with a somewhat wonky Achilles/ankle for the past few weeks, maybe it's because Euan (I assume) wandered off with the charger for my Garmin and I can't find it anywhere, maybe it's because I'm battling some allergies/cold/sinus/throat gunk and generally feel crappy but as much as I love to run, I've been loving not worrying about running too.  I think sometimes, it's important to step away from it, so that when I get back into it, I realize just how much I missed it. That all being said, I will run today and I'm sure that when I'm done with my run I will be very happy because when all is said and done, running really does make me happy and it's a kind of happy that only running can make me... the kind of happy where even if everything isn't alright with the world, I know that it will be and that I can handle whatever is thrown in my direction.

Happy running... run happy!  Try and get a run in today and if not today, then why not tomorrow or the next day... don't put it off, just go.  You'll be happy you did.  :)

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Heather said...

So I decided to check your blog this morning to see if you've been out for a run this week. I'm sitting at the amazon trail debating if I should run today. When I saw that you didn't get up and run, I decided it would be okay if I skip today. My conviction to NOT run grew as I agreed that my wonky Achilles could also use some rest. But then I got to the part where you said that you WOULD run still for the day, and my attitude took a 180 degree turn. So I'm heading out for a short few miles now, just because you gave me the conviction to do it today. Thank you!