Monday, June 17, 2013

On to summer...

Since it's been well over a week since I last blogged, I figure it is about time to get on here again.  The last week and a half has been pretty full but a lot of fun.

On 6/7:  I went for a beautiful early morning run
 and came back to find Jonny learning how to shave.
Then we made a cake for my mom's birthday (4 layers of chocolate, chocolate mousse and strawberries...Jonny was  a big fan of the frosting)
and took Euan in for his 1 year well-child check and to get some vaccines.  He's just over 20lbs and just over 30inches.  His favorite part was the rocking horse:

Later in the day we picked up Dan from work and headed to Klamath Falls to listen to Dan's parents give talks at church before they head to Tennessee for a church mission.  Somehow, however, we didn't manage to take any pictures with them.  :(

6/8- I had some birthday cake for breakfast then went for a nice little run but didn't leave until almost 9am and the temps were pushing 80.  I loved it!!  I love running in hot weather, but without water, I decided to call it good at 3 miles (which coincidentally was Dan's parent's house and our car to drive me back to my parents' and the kiddos).  The best thing about hot weather running is then cooling off in a freezing cold backyard pool.  Euan was a little reluctant to climb in, so luckily he had Leona to help him out... or should I say in?
He was much happier to be back on dry land.
6/9 - after a quick visit at church, we decided we hadn't had enough family time so we kidnapped my sister to spend the week on the coast with us.

6/10-6/13 - Unfortunately for Emme and Calvin, they still had school and didn't get to hang out with Stephanie very much but Leona, Jonny and Euan made up for it, by enjoying some fun adventures at the beach and at the park, as well as on the trampoline.
 Despite our best efforts to do puppy dog faces to convince our mom to take off a day of work and come hang out with us, we were turned down and Stephanie had to return home.
 Before she left though, she graciously volunteered to watch the kiddos (and while doing so cleaned my house, extremely thoroughly) while Dan and I enjoyed a rare evening out.  We went to dinner and enjoyed a cloudy, but beautiful sunset on the beach.  It was wonderful.
Now, however, Stephanie is gone and school is officially out, which means it is time for summer to start.  We're looking forward to having a lot more adventures and we just might have to kidnap my sister again.

Oh, I also ran a half marathon over the weekend... it was a lot of fun.  Report to come soon.


Heather said...

Come back Stephanie!!! She doesn't have anything better to do this summer than be a live-in babysitter and housekeeper, all just for the sheer joy of spending time with family, right??? Sounds like such a fun week! Can't wait to hear more about the 1/2 marathon.

Diana Martinez said...

"Oh, I also ran a half marathon over the weekend... it was a lot of fun."

I love how you throw this in at the end. =)

Also, I can't believe how much clothing you're all wearing in these pictures. It's hot here!