Monday, May 20, 2013

This and that...

I'm not really sure what I've been up to, but it obviously hasn't been blogging.  It seems like last week was crazy busy but nothing super spectacular comes to mind.  Here are some random bullet points:

  • I had a great Mother's Day weekend.  I spent some time in Eugene and Portland with good friends and had a lot of fun running the Hippie Chick Half (report to come soon) with them.

  • I went back and forth about what to do as far as continuing training for the upcoming Newport Marathon.  I decided to just go back to my training plan that I did for Eugene (the Own it plan from Train Like a Mother) and rewind it 4 weeks and start again.  When all is said and done I might even look at Eugene as a good training run, instead of a bad race.  We'll see...  Anyway, I'm feeling good and training is going well.  I'm back to taper time again.  :) Saturday, I did my last longer training run.  I felt that I did a good job not checking my watch every two seconds and instead just running by how I felt.  I ended up averaging 8:32 per mile for the (almost)17 miles, so I was pleased with it all.  It was a great morning for a run and I spent a lot of time trying to just enjoy my surroundings, which of course prompted several photo stops.

 There were snails everywhere on the way out to the beach.  They all seemed to be congregated on the white line of the road.  At first I thought that maybe they were just more noticeable there but even after really watching for them off the white line, I never saw any.  Apparently the slugs were also attracted to the white line.
I also saw some deer and a rabbit but they were too cool to pose for a picture. Plus, every time I stopped to take a picture the Mosquitos would swarm. I ended up with several bites on my legs. (I think they were attracted to my green socks!)

 It was a beautiful and calm morning on the beach, with just a little bit of rain and of course I had to take a "selfie" because who doesn't want to see a picture of my 8.5 mile sweaty self standing on the beach?!
 There was one section of the beach that was covered in shell pieces.  I have honestly, never seen anything like it.
 I had to collect a few to bring home to the girls... they were thrilled.
Then on the way home, it was pictures of flowers

 and train tracks.

  • Leona had "kindergarten round up" on Thursday.  She had a lot of fun painting in the kindergarten room while I filled out paperwork.  
    As far as she is concerned, the fall school year cannot come fast enough.  Every day, she asks if today is the day that she gets to go to school.  This could make for a very long summer.

  • Last week Leona, Euan, Jonny and I picked up a trampoline using my race day winnings and on Saturday we finally got it set up.  It has been a huge success.  I think the kids have spent almost every spare moment they had on it.  Definitely a good investment.

  •  Also on Saturday, my sister graduated from Boise State University.  Now it's time for her to be a real life grown up... she's moving home to live with our parents for a while.  :)  I'm excited though, because she might even come spend some time with us.  (Live in babysitter?!  Yes, please.)

 I wish I could've been there, but my mom sent some pictures, so it was almost as good.
She did have the support of two of our brothers (one a recent graduate from Utah Valley University, is that right, last I knew it was UVSC), our sister-in-law and their cute kids as well as my mom so I'm sure she felt some love.  (My dad couldn't make it because he has a new obsession of scaling mountains and I think he was at the top of Mt. Shasta on Saturday.)  Anyway, that's my mom's second college graduation in two months with another coming up in June.  Kind of cool that half of her kids graduated from college in the same year.  Out of the six of us, I'm the only other grad (so far) and that was 10 years ago!  Wow, I'm OLD!
  • After missing the last couple of episodes, I was finally able to get caught up on Survivor and watch the finale.  I think overall I was pleased with the outcome.  I know I didn't want Dawn to win, she cried too much.  If (when) I get onto Survivor, I vow to not be a big cry baby.
  • I got a 2nd degree burn on my thumb from making meatloaf the other day.  When I went to pull it out of the oven, some of the sauce got on the hotpad and then on my thumb.  I didn't cry (see, no cry baby here), but it did hurt... a lot.  Cooking is a very dangerous past time.  It's been a week and the blisters are mostly healed, but there is still one right on the inside of my thumb that is being a bit ornery.  
  • Tomorrow is Euan's birthday.  This year has gone by quickly.  I think I'll probably get around to making him a cake today.  I was kind of negligent with the last two first birthday's celebrated in our family so since this is the last of them I'll try to do it right.
Anyway, I think that's enough randomness to start the week.  I better get started on my day.  Happy Monday!


Marci said...

What a beautiful place!
I thought that after I saw you I would miss you less, but the opposite has happened. Thanks for updating your blog.

Heather said...

I came today looking for a race report, but random musings of life works too! Glad to hear your training is going well and you are all ready to go for round 2 of 26.2. Happy happy birthday to Euan!!!