Thursday, May 23, 2013

The big 01.

On Tuesday, Euan turned 1.  He had been looking forward to that day his whole life.  Okay, not really, but Leona and Jonny (and probably Emme and Calvin too) were pretty excited about it.  Before we get into his birthday celebrations, here's a little bit about Euan and his first year of life.

He was born on May 21, 2012 in Springfield (although we'll probably claim Eugene) and has been a welcome addition to our family ever since.
His first few months were pretty chill as he adjusted to being kidling number 5 in a fairly large family.  (In other words, he learned early on that patience is a great value to have.)  By 3 months, he had survived his first big car trip (and I survived my first big car trip alone with 5 kids) and out of state vacation, which he particularly enjoyed because someone new was always ready to hold him.
He then participated in the great big move of 2012, which brought us to the south coast and our new hometown of Coos Bay (although Eugene will always feel like home).  Euan has been a big fan of the beach and has great aspirations to grow up and be a beach bum.
 Long gone are the days when he would sit quietly in his chair watching the waves, now he wants nothing more to eat the sand and play in the ocean.

 He loves taking baths and will eat anything, especially if it is outside on the ground, or even better, in the ground.
Lately, he has found his voice and likes to express loudly his feelings of discontent.  After almost a full year of complete patience, he has discovered that more often than not the squeakiest wheel gets the grease.  Euan also loves to growl and when that is coupled with his propensity towards biting, there is some question as to whether or not he's completely human... the word gremlin has been thrown around casually.  

Euan hates wearing socks and takes them off and hides them all over the house.  He also loves to throw toys and dishes and books, really anything he gets his hands on, down the stairs.  He has a strong dislike for naps and going to bed (I think for fear he might miss out on something).  This makes for a tired little baby, that is often found sleeping in fairly random places,

He likes nothing more than to consider himself one of the big kids and is happiest when playing with them.  Often times he gets knocked over or has his toys taken away from him, be he just rolls with it and laughs it off.
His birthday was a lot of fun.  His first present contained "snacks", which is also his favorite word to say and that was all he needed.
We did finally convince him to come back and check out the rest of his loot, but nothing topped the snacks... not even the allure of a Lululemon bag (that would've worked for me, ha!).
 The snacks were finally topped, however when we introduced the birthday cake.  (It's a piranha... his other nickname besides little gremlin.)

 This was the inspiration, in case you're wondering what it was "supposed" to look like.
I had some "helpers" and threw it together pretty much last minute so, although it probably isn't my best work, I'll take it.

At first, Euan wasn't sure what to make of the cake, but then he actually tasted it and realized he didn't want to waste a single crumb.
He was a big fan and the only way to peacefully extract him from his highchair was the promise of a bath, followed by, every boys dream, running around nekkid afterwards...
If you asked him, I think he'd tell you it was his best birthday yet... either that or he'd just growl at you.


Janet said...

Great post. What a fun year and birthday!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Euan! You made it to 1!!!

Just Kristal said...

So Cute! HaPpY bIrThDaY EUAN!!
my youngest turns 5 May 29th, it goes by so fast.

Marci said...

He is so cute that it kind of hurts to look at the photos. I just want to reach in and grab his cute little cheeks. The cake was amazing!

Raina said...

I can hardly believe he is a year old! Time goes by so fast.

Love the cake!!! You did a great job with that.

we'd like to come bounce on your trampoline sometime :)

Amy Will said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! That cake is awesome!

ErinandShane said...

Love that cake, and this is a great post.