Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Millicoma Marsh Trail

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we had planned to go on a nice family hike to Golden and Silver Falls which isn't too far from our house, but still a bit of a drive.  Then the rain came and didn't seem to be going away, so instead we decided to go even more local and hike part of the Millicoma Marsh Trail that begins at the track of Millicoma Intermediate School.

I don't know if it has something to do with my kids getting older or me having more of them, but I seem to care less and less what they wear when we're out in public.  That being said, I want it noted, that the only one I had any influence at all over their outfit was Euan.  It's hard to pick, but I think Calvin was the winner of best dressed with the high top shoes, long black socks, plaid shorts and striped hoodie.  Although, Leona was a close runner up with her long sleeve tank top combo, wellies and partial pony tail that she had Dan do for her.
 A quick look at the student drawn pictures of what to look out for and we were on our way...
 Euan was especially thrilled to be carried around, and I'm personally impressed with this "selfie" I took that I managed to stay mostly out of.
 Then it was on to the wildlife:
 and dragonflies, just like the posters had promised.
 After a few brief side trips towards the "mudlands" to attempt to get some duckling pictures, we made it to the end of the trail,
the tidal salt marsh 
 and the observation deck
 We managed a fairly decent group selfie, 
 and of course a few individual and smaller group shots.

 Leona found a walking companion
 and Euan decided he'd had enough companioning and was ready to walk.
 Before too long, we were back to the track where Jonny could share his favorite pastime with Euan, (throwing grass down the storm drains)
and Euan could share his favorite with Jonny, 
(eating daisies... there is an art to selecting the perfect one)

 until Euan got tired of that and decided to do what a track is made for... run!!! 
 Then of course there was the obligatory, "take pictures of my treasures"
which, apparently, even Emme hasn't outgrown. 
It ended up being a beautifully blue skied day, so after the hiking, we hit up a local burger joint for corn dogs and chicken strips and an impromptu picnic at a park.  It was a great way to start the long weekend.

The trail, I think, had we done the whole thing instead of just the out and back, is a nice little 1 mile loop.  There will be a race there this fall that I just might have to look into running.


Marci said...

Your kids could make any combination of clothing look cool. Soon all the kids will be doing it that way.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!

Elizabeth said...

I remember that trail - although I don't think it was much of a "trail" back in the day. :)

Gold and Silver Falls is a beautiful hike. I bet it is awesome right now having just rained.