Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I'm a big fan of numbers.  I like to analyze them and memorize them.  Numbers are never just numbers, there is always some hidden message or meaning.  (No, I'm not really as crazy as I'm starting to sound.)

Here are some numbers that are on my mind:

4 - the number of days left until the Eugene Marathon
awesome countdown calendar compliments of Run with Jess
2883 - my bib number for the race
2 - the number of Eugene marathons this will be for me
8 - the pace I hope to maintain
8 - in case I forget, the pace I will maintain
3 - the number, besides 0 that will be in my finish time, when I maintain that 8 minute pace (3:30)

101.9 - the number of Leona's, completely out of the blue, temperature all day yesterday
2 - the number of naps she took (which is why I finally took her temperature)
2 - the number of times her cereal had to be replaced this morning because she sneezed all over it
3 1/2 - the number of kids yet to get sick (Euan is questionable, might already be there, hence the 1/2)
Countless - the number of times I've sanitized my hands

69 - (no, you dirty minded people) the number in degrees it is supposed to be today
12 - the number of miles we will drive to hang out at the beach
3 - the number of kids I hope will fall asleep on the drive to the beach so that I can just sit and watch the waves
0 - the number of kids that will actually fall asleep on the way to the beach

0 - the number of miles I will run today
1- the number of runs I have left before Eugene
3 - the number of miles that run will be
6 - the number of miles that will then be on the shoes I'm considering wearing (is that too few?!)

1 - the number of little boys currently running around my kitchen wearing their sister's fairy wings

1 - the number of little boys currently trying to kill themselves
Seriously, even the seat belt will not stop this kid.  (nice pink bib)
2 - the number of little boys that are truly going to be a handful when they get old enough to really cause trouble
1 - the number of pictures more that I have to share, because this kid just cracks me up
apparently the wings couldn't come off without the shirt and then the need to stand in the windowsill ensued
0 - the number of minutes I have left to work on this post... time to get on with the day

Any numbers going on in your life right now?


Raina said...

Wishing you all the best Laurie!! I know you have that 3:30 in you.

Hoping that your kiddos recover well and quickly so that they can all come cheer for you and be in good spirits to celebrate afterwards.

You are going to be fantastic!! Have fun at the beach today :)

me/mom/NANA said...

21- the number of hours until I hope to be on my way to your house to see you all! Can't wait!!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

3:30! You got this!

Zaneta said...

LOVE this post!! I'm not a huge number person...
Good luck!! You've got this!! 3:30! :)

Run with Jess said...

Wow - 3:30!! You go girl!!
Ummm, good. I don't feel so bad now. I'm wearing "newish" shoes for the mary too. 20 miles in, but they feel so grand...

Micha said...

29 - the number of hours before my husband is back in town
7 - the number of nights it's been just me and the kid
2 - both the number of teeth lost in our house this week and the number of times the tooth fairy forgot to come
1 - the number of times I've run farther than planned so far this week - just because it was actually fun!