Monday, April 15, 2013

It's taper time...

Saturday, I did my last long run of this training cycle.  That means that the Eugene Marathon is 2 weeks from yesterday!  I'm so excited!  I'm also excited that, because I've now officially hit taper time, I don't have any midweek runs longer than 6 miles which means I might actually be able to sleep in as late as 5:30 and still get my run in.  Hooray!

Saturday's long run was actually surprisingly good.  Friday night, I went out for sushi and a movie with a few girl friends and didn't get home and in bed until midnight.  Needless to say, it didn't take much convincing from Dan to not get up at 4am for my run.  Instead, I enjoyed a morning of track with Emme,
2nd in the 400

4th in the 200 (with her shoe untied)
and an afternoon of soccer with Calvin,
all black in the middle (we cut off his hair)
his team won both games they played
before heading out at 4pm(!!)  for a super rare, late afternoon, 16 miles.

I'm not sure that I've ever run so far, so late in the day.  I don't think that I had fueled very well throughout the day and by the end of my run, I could tell that my body was feeling pretty sluggish.  Other than that, though, it all went pretty well.  I didn't really have any pace goals, just a nice and easy run, without much looking at my watch.  The easy part, happened mostly, but I couldn't help checking out my splits every time 'Ol Gertie buzzed for another mile.

I was pleased to see, that without too much effort, I was staying in the lower half of the 8s until the final 2 miles, which were essentially straight up hill.  :)
It was a great long run for building my confidence that I might actually be able to hit my goals for Eugene.

If nothing else, it was wonderful to be running in the sunshine and just really enjoying myself.

I definitely miss all my awesome running routes in Eugene, but there is something to be said for coastal running.  Once you can get past all the hills, and big trucks and RVs the only thing left is sand and water and that makes my heart happy.


Heather said...

Love it! What a great long run! Do you actually run some of it on the sand? I love running on the beach but it definitely takes more work. Looks like you are ready for Eugene. Your blog reminds me today of all the reasons I run. My heart goes out today to Boston and all my running friends. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many of us!

Janet said...

You are so committed and such a hard worker. I hope you make your goal in Eugene.

Dick said...

You need to convince Emme to forget the sprints and concentrate on distance...that's what REAL runners do!

I found out last night (4/17) that if you qualify for Boston your mother plans on going to watch. Am I invited also...or is this a girls only trip? We're having spectator withdrawal symptoms since your little sister isn't swimming any more, and I'd like an excuse to go to the East Coast!