Monday, April 22, 2013

1 week.

It's been a week since I blogged.  It's also been a week since the tragedies at Boston.  I've wanted to blog sooner, but really didn't feel that I could possibly put into words the thoughts and emotions that have been coursing through me.  I still can't.  I am still in complete awe and disbelief.  My heart aches for those that were directly and indirectly involved.  What was supposed to be a happy day, a day that so many worked so hard to participate in, will forever be marred by those selfish acts of destruction and disregard for human life.  It is so sad, a word that doesn't even begin to encompass the level of awfulness that it really is.

On the other hand, I have read some amazingly inspiring race reports as well as some awesome stories of emerging heros that reenergizes the belief that we, as humans, are innately good people.  I am truly impressed with the initiative that the running community has taken to not only honor but support those affected in Boston.

In 1 week (well, technically 6 days, if you don't count today) I will be running the Eugene Marathon.  It is the race I have been training for for the past 18 weeks.  It is the race that is supposed to get me to my Boston Marathon.  I cannot wait.  Like so many organized races around the world, Eugene will be doing its part to honor Boston as well.
 I look forward to signing the banner and putting on my black ribbon as well as finishing with my hand over my heart.  I can imagine now that moment of silence before the race.  It will be calm and still with only the sounds of nature.  I would imagine a few tears might even be shed.  It will be  a fine moment and a great way to start a 26.2 mile race run in honor of Boston.

1 week.  1 week down.  1 week to go.  Run Smart.  Run Strong.  Run Happy.  Run for Boston.


Janet said...

Thank you for your nice comments. My heart truly goes out to all that have been affected by the Boston tragedy. Run fast and run happy next weekend.

BeePie Runs said...

Hasn't it been amazing how the running community has pulled together? I wish you the best in Eugene and maybe we'll see each other in Boston next year!!

Heather said...

Thanks Laurie! You put your thoughts into writing so well. I think last week's tragedy has made me want to run Boston even more. I hope you know what an inspiration you've been to me with running, and to so many others. This weekend is going to be YOUR race--we'll be cheering you on! To echo your mom, run fast, run happy, and run strong. You've got this one.

Diana Martinez said...

The race I'm doing in a few weeks is doing a moment of silence after the Star Spangled Banner and encouraging people to wear blue and yellow shoe laces to show support for Boston. I think it's great how the running community has come together to show their support of not just those that were at the marathon, but to the whole city of Boston.

Good luck with your marathon! Whoo whoo! =)

Zaneta said...

The running community is amazing! How we can all pull together and rally around those in need!!
Good luck in your marathon!! :)

ErinandShane said...

Great words for a good post!