Monday, March 18, 2013

Tired of zombies?!

Apparently, my grandma, who also is my biggest blog reader, is tired of reading and rereading my zombie apocalypse post from 3 weeks ago.  Despite the fact that I haven't blogged in forever, she has faith that I will write again and continues to check daily.  I was able to visit with her a bit over the weekend and was admonished to blog again, soon, very soon.  So, Grammy, this one is for you.  :)

I'm not really sure the reason for my blogging absence.  Ever since moving to the coast, my blogging has been hit and miss.  I just can't seem to get into it.  It might have a lot to do with my super crappy Internet provider and the fact that it constantly cuts out on us, takes for ever to load pages and requires resetting almost daily.  It could also be that I've been reading a lot of books and trying not to waste away my whole day online, which is what happens when I get on to blog... I just have to check this one thing first, which leads to twenty other things, which leads to a whole morning wasted and no update on my blog.  Most recently, however my absence is directly related to a super overdue review I need to post about an ebook I read.  I told myself that I couldn't blog again until I got it posted and I still haven't posted it, therefore the no blogging.  However, in attempt to stay on good terms with my favorite grandma, I figured it was time to break the blogging silence.  How about some updates?

Life has been good, busy but good.  Euan turned 9 months and is now working on 10 months (which he will be on Thursday).  I can't believe how fast he's growing up.  I took him in for his 9 month check up and he's tall and skinny... taller than almost all babies his age, but barely breaking the weight barrier, which is amazing because he eats everything.  Seriously, I never have to sweep our kitchen because he loves to play puppy dog and clean up all the scraps.  Ha!  He has 4 teeth working their way in and his favorite things to do are:
 sleep with his silly blanket 
 play with the kids at the park,
 watch things bake in the oven,
 and say hi and wave to random people at the grocery store... well, except for when he's sleeping
and apparently wear lots of stripy outfits.  :)

Jonny recently turned 3.  It was a pretty lame birthday.  I threw his cake together at the last minute and was short a few ingredients, but he still loved every minute of it and thought his super sloppy cake was awesome, so I can't complain.
Thanks to his grandparents and great grandma, he got some pretty cool presents and his awesome aunt Elizabeth even sent him M&Ms in the mail, which completely amazed him.
He's finally starting to speak in complete sentences and has definitely hit the age of "it's fun and cool to torment my older sister", which he does on a daily basis.  Potty training has been slow going with him, but I think we're getting there.  He's very into trucks and cars and rocks and dirt, especially dirt that he can dig holes in and rocks that he can throw at things.  He's a goofy kid and loves to do silly things.  He often pops up in the background of pictures that weren't of him but that he adds a certain flair to.
And, without a doubt, he can still be one of the sweetest little boys on the planet.
Leona, is still as crazy as ever.  What more can I say about her?!
She still has a very unique fashion sense, yes, those are plastic frogs in her hair,
she's a big fan of dressing up in my heels and "taking Jonny on dates" where it is important to pose for pictures,

she loves story time at the library, but cannot sit still long enough to enjoy the stories,

 she can spend hours talking to toys and carrying them around in random boxes,
 and she absolutely loves to run... she always has to do at least 1/4 mile after every treadmill run I take.
Calvin is a tough guy and definitely in tough guy mode.  He starts soccer today and is super excited about it.  He likes to participate in things, like crazy hair day, but doesn't want proof of it... I had to snap these pictures as he was rushing out the door to the bus

and really isn't a very big fan of having his picture taken in general.
He is excelling in school and in life overall.  He is still obsessed with the Wii, but is equally happy to be playing outside, once we can convince him to go out.

Emmeline is growing up faster than I care to think.  She's still a giant goofball
but is looking less and less like my "little" girl every day.  Middle school (4-7th grade!!) is treating her well.  She likes to be involved and recently had a great time practicing for and participating in the school talent show, where she did a Barbie monologue.  (I can't get the video to upload).
Last week she started track and has practice 3 nights a week with meets every Saturday.  So far she has been doing softball throw and long jump.  She mentioned something about signing up to be a sprinter, but I'm trying to convince her that there is more fun in distance running.  :)

Work is work for Dan.  He loves it and he hates it.  Mostly though, he's happy to have a good job and doing something that he enjoys.

Running is going well for me.  I've been enjoying my training plan and am feeling confident with my paces.  Just over a month to Eugene and I'm getting really excited.  I usually only get outside for my long runs but I really enjoy them when I do.  I've been able to see some beautiful sunrises.
And when the sun never does rise, I just make my own sunshine.
So, to sum things up... life is going well, the kids are doing well, Dan is relatively happy, I'm enjoying running and I do plan to blog more often.  Happy Monday... hope it's full of sunshine.


me/mom/NANA said...

That is the difference between a grandma and a mother-in-law! I agree with your Grammy on needing more blogs from you but I don't dare say anything! You do such a great job with your writings and photos and it is a fun way to see the growth and changes in the family! Thanks for the update!

Elizabeth said...

Love hearing the updates and seeing the pics. I know you're busy with 5 kiddos, but I love reading your posts when you get a few minutes.

BeePieRuns said...

cool socks! and happy to hear from you again, too :)

Heather said...

Thank you grammy! I was bordering on more annoying text messages to find out where the next blog installment was. I was even ready to offer to do the product review! :) Thanks for the update!

Heather said...

And my son says your running shoes are DOPE! (which is a good thing, according to him). :)

Stephanie said...

Great post, Laurie! So fun to get to know your kiddos again. That Leona is such a crack up! Taking Jonny on dates in your shoes. I love it!!! So glad to hear that you are all doing so well. :)

Janet said...

Okay, Like the rest I am happy to be reading another post.I love the pictures too.