Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blogging... perfect time killer.

So, I switched out running right after breakfast like I normally do in exchange for an early trip to the grocery store and the plan to run after lunch during naps.  However, little Mr. E  fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store and has been sleeping away ever since.  This means that he has yet to have lunch, but I know that the minute I get on the treadmill he will wake up, so instead I've been wasting time online... for the past hour!  I totally could've gotten a good dent in my run, if not managed the whole thing by the time he wakes up.  In fact, there are a whole grip of things that I could've done while waiting for him to wake up for lunch, but since I didn't think I'd have time to get them done, I've been hanging out online.  It all started, when a Facebook link led to the Nuun Hood to Coast application page, which got me watching application videos, which got me thinking about possibly applying, which got me thinking about when I ran Hood to Coast before, which got me reading my old Hood to Coast posts, which got me reading lots of old posts, which finally led to me thinking that since I'm hanging out on my blog, maybe I should blog again.  Twice in two days?!  Can you believe it!!!  I used to have a lot of blogging friends, who commented regularly, but then I got lazy and stopped blogging regularly and stopped commenting on other blogs... reading through old posts and reading comments makes me miss the old days....

Anyway, I thought I'd blog a big about the weekend we had.  My cousin got married on Saturday at Box R Ranch, which is halfway between Klamath Falls and Ashland.  We picked up Dan from work on Friday afternoon and headed to Klamath Falls to stay with my parents.  My dad, was kind enough to map out a great 17 mile loop for me to run on Saturday morning and was even kinder to get up at 6 (the original plan was 5 but we decided to "sleep in") to ride his bike with me while I ran.  I had been checking the weather all week and expected temps in the low 30s, so when I woke up to 24 degrees I was slightly underdressed and a little bit chilly... but nowhere near as cold as my poor dad on his bike, going my running pace (aka slow for a cyclist).  The run itself went pretty well.  I didn't have the highest expectations because coming from sea level I figured I would definitely feel the 4000+ elevation difference.  The plan was 17 miles with the middle 12 (miles 4-15) at marathon race pace (8:00/mile).  I felt like it took me a bit to get going, but once I did, I found my rhythm and stayed pretty much right on track.
Overall, I was pleased that I was able run in the cold, at elevation, while talking a fair amount and still average less than 8 min mile pace for those middle miles.  By the end I was ready to be done (and so was my poor freezing dad) but I'll take it.  I had an enjoyable time hanging out with my dad.  We had done roughly the same loop once before but it had been quite a while.  I did stop to take a picture again of Lake Nuss and look for the Lake Nuss Monster...  it was kind of foggy though.
We did have one moment where I thought I was going to have to pepper spray some mean old dog.  My dad warned me that it was coming up, but usually he flies by on his bike so fast that the dog doesn't have a change to attempt an attack.  I came as far as pulling it out and pointing it at him, but I think he's been sprayed before and thought twice about gobbling us up.  It's the 2nd time in as many long runs that I've been tempted to spray a wayward dog, let's hope that the 3rd time isn't the charm.  

After the run, I spent a few hours, okay not really, but quite a while, in the shower trying to warm back up, then I got all prettied up for my cousin's wedding.  I was looking forward to the wedding, but even more than that, I was looking forward to spending the day with Dan (and thanks to his parents) without any kids!!  It was awesome.  We drove to the wedding by ourselves, enjoyed our time there (it was country themed wedding... this is the only picture I took, lame of me, I know... I didn't even get a picture of Dan and me looking all fancy) 

and then thanks to my parents taking our kids and putting them to bed, we spent some time in Medford then in Ashland, where we went out to ice cream, watched the end of the Portland Timbers match with one of Dan's buddies and enjoyed a nice long drive back to Klamath Falls.  By the end of the night though, my legs were tired of walking around in heels and so I switched to compression socks and converse and displayed them proudly at a quick stop to the grocery store.
Sunday, we got up and had a fabulous green breakfast for St. Patrick's Day (thanks Mom!) then headed back home. 
It was a quick weekend, with lots and lots of driving and not much time to visit with family, but Dan and I really enjoyed our time alone and couldn't be more grateful to our parents and their willingness to care for our clan.


BeePieRuns said...

Hooray for couple time! And for an awesome run - those splits were right on! I, too, have rocked the compression socks at gas stations and road stops. My hubby likes to pretend he doesn't know me ;)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I think you are so creative, your HTC video would be a good one!

Katrina said...

Your Grandma isn't the only one who checks daily for updates. I'm glad you and Dan were able to ditch the kiddos for a bit. You're so hardcore too. I'm a baby when it comes to running in the cold. Rain I'm okay with, freezing temperatures, not so much.