Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nearly perfect treadmill run.

So, yesterday, after sleeping in and complaining about not getting outside to do my 10 miles, I took fate into my hands and made the time to get on the treadmill.  I did it, right after breakfast, when all 3 of the kiddos were relatively happy and well fed.  Leona and Jonny opted to watch a movie, they both chose Finding Nemo, which was 101 minutes long... perfect.  Euan, because I don't give him choices, set up camp in the play pen next to Stanley and me.  He was really happy at first, then kind of bored, then he just stood there watching me in a trance, then he sat down to play some more with his toys and then he fell asleep... sitting up.
It's cold in our garage.
After he didn't move for a while, I decided he was very asleep and so I stopped running to lay him down.  I also took that opportunity for a quick fueling break (starburst anyone?) and to do a super stealth check on the other two, who amazingly hadn't budged and even more amazingly didn't see me.  I knew it was only a matter of time, though, until Jonny felt the need for a snack, so I put a bowl of stale popcorn (seriously, it was 2 nights old, I'm really not sure why we still had it sitting on the counter... but don't judge me, my kids LOVE popcorn, even the super stale variety) at the top of the stairs where he couldn't miss it when he came to ransack the kitchen.  I could just picture him, "Wow, popcorn!  Awesome!" and he would take it and go back downstairs to finish his movie.  I'm not sure if that's exactly how it went down, but I do know that they ate the popcorn and that my kitchen cupboards went untouched, so my evil plan succeeded!

As for the run, after my brief stop around 3 1/2 miles, the remaining 6 1/2 were completely uninterrupted.  It was supposed to be a 5 by 5 mile negative split (ie run the second 5 miles faster than the first) but I chose to make it a progression run.  I ran the first 5 miles at all the same pace, then ran each of the next 5 miles progressively faster until I reached marathon race pace.  It wasn't the outside run that I had planned and it did take up a big chunk of my morning, but it was the best treadmill run that I've had in quite a while, so I'll take it. 


BeePieRuns said...

I always wish I could be a fly on the wall when my kids are playing - they say the funniest stuff! Good job on your run - 10 miles on the treadmill is hard work!!

Heather said...

NICE. You are a die-hard. I'm not sure which made me smile more...Euan asleep sitting up or Jonny scoring on the stale popcorn! Glad you got the run in. Did my first official training "speed" workout today. Given the nasty cold I had last week I should cut myself some slack. It went okay...definitely a progression run...each mile repeat got progressively slower! :)

Raina said...

Very strategic!

I think my treadmill distance PR is 7 miles...can't stand it. I might have eaten 3 day old popcorn and am not above feeding it to kids or baiting them with it! Way to get it in.