Friday, February 22, 2013

My scale has become self-aware: Fitbit Aria Review

As a fairly normal (ha! as if there was such a thing) human being, I'm slightly obsessed with my weight.  I tell myself that really, it doesn't matter how much I weigh, as long as I feel good about myself... let's be honest though, I feel a lot better about myself when those numbers on the scale are leaning towards the bottom of my "I'm comfortable with this weight zone" then when they're threatening to exceed it.

When Dan and I first got married, we didn't have a scale, but lucky for us, before a year was up, my mom gave us one.  Hooray, Mom!  (Maybe she was trying to tell me that I need to expand my cooking menu past chocolate chip cookies, tuna casserole and bread because, although tasty, they weren't treating our bellies so kindly?!)  Anyway, I've been happy with our scale, it worked well enough and I have to admit, has had the same batteries since it's arrival into our family 10+ years ago... which is pretty amazing!  However, when I was given the opportunity to try out one of the coolest looking bathroom scales I have ever seen, I was all about it.  Enter, the Fitbit Aria.
from Fitbit Website
When this baby came to the door, I was super excited (as I always am when the mail comes... such is the life of a stay at home mom).  Because I forgot that it was coming though, I was even more ecstatic, because I had no idea what the box contained.  When I started the unveiling process, my memory was jogged and then I became excited because it looked so cool and I couldn't wait to get it set up.

Well, "Hello" to you too.

Ooh, look how shiny!  
Set up was amazingly easy.  The scale has the ability to wirelessly send one's weight along with BMI and body fat percentage to a free online account.  All that has to be done first is to set up the free account and put the scale in close proximity to the WiFi modem.  It took me less than 5 minutes and I'm not the most tech savvy person.  Then I climbed on the scale and all my hopes and dreams where crushed as it flashed some not so pleasant numbers in front of my face.  I weigh how much?!  My BMI is what?!!  This has got to be wrong, where is my old, moldy, rusty scale that although ugly and probably not very accurate, was much kinder to me?!

After I got over my initial number shock and came to reality of my poor eating habits, I checked out the website where the data is stored.  The Fitbit fitness website and phone app (available for both Android and iPhone) collect the data that is automatically transferred every time you step on the scale and plug them into some very nice looking graphs.
from the Fitbit site
The graphs, measure and track your weight, BMI and lean/fat percentage in addition to having options for tracking water and food intake as well as your daily activities.  You can set up goals and challenges for yourself and earn "badges" for meeting various milestones.  The account you set up can be as private as you wish it to be, where no one else can see it, or you can connect with friends and family to get all the encouragement you need while on your fitness quest.  The coolest thing, is that the scale, in its amazingly self-awareness can recognize who is standing on it and will accommodate up to 8 different user accounts.  For example, because of the initial information I set up into my account, when I weigh myself, it gives me a quick screen readout followed by my initials, whereas Dan's info would be sent to his account (if he had one).  It also accommodates guest users, so if your company, or kids

can't resist the allure of its shininess and digital reader, it will give them their weight and BMI without transmitting the data anywhere.

The scale itself is aesthetically pleasing and comes in black or white.  It seems to be relatively sturdy and has so far held up to all 5 of my kiddos playing on it.  The glass top can be kind of cold on bare feet early in the morning and I'm afraid, quite slippery when wet... it also gives you a nice reflection of yourself, so be warned if you're standing on it nekkid... you might be in for quite the view... ha!

Since I began using my Fitbit Aria, I fear that I have become obsessed with testing it out.  It's accuracy is amazing and I find myself climbing on it quite regularly.  (Did those 3 cupcakes that I ate for breakfast immediately impact my weight and BMI... well, yes, yes they did...)

The scale retails for $129.95 in the Fitbit store, which seems a bit high for a scale, but when taken into account that it is much more than a scale (ie it's a shiny little monster that will tell you how much weight you gained today as well as your fat percentage) and can be used for a complete fitness turnaround, the price tag might seem a little more reasonable.  Besides, how many people can say that their scale knows them by name (well initials)?!

Disclosure:  I was sent the Fitbit Aria scale to try out in exchange for this blog review.  I was not compensated in any other way and the words and opinions expressed are completely my own.


Diana Martinez said...

Thank you for reminding me that we need a new scale. I don't believe ours is quite accurate. Or maybe I'm just delusional. Either way, a shopping trip is in order!

BeePieRuns said...

Oh man, I already feel like I'm addicted/obsessed with the numbers the garmin spits out at me, I don't know if I could handle a scale that does it too. But it does seem pretty awesome!