Monday, February 4, 2013

I miss my stroller.

This last week was a real struggle for me to get on the treadmill.  I'm amazed at all the awesome treadmill runners out there who do most of their training, BY CHOICE, on the treadmill.  I honestly miss running with my stroller.  I could go just about anytime with the stroller and best of all, my kids were strapped in and happy (most of the time).  When I'm running on the treadmill, I have to plan my run so carefully, with naps and other things to occupy the kiddos... otherwise I will be met with amazing disasters when I'm done (that's another post for another day).  I can't even remember the last time I went for a stroller run...  This fall, when Leona goes to kindergarten, I think the boys and I will have to start making up for lost stroller time.

Anyway, Thursday, I had an easy 8 miles planned and I was absolutely dreading doing it on the treadmill so I did something that I haven't done since we moved here, I got up early enough to run before Dan needed to get up and get ready for work.  Now that I'm starting to get a little more used to where we live, I'm more comfortable running in the dark and scary world and it was great.  I'm still super glad that I have old Stanley (I think he's helping with my speed) and I will continue to use him more often than not, but it's good to my running soul to get outside during the week too for more than just my long run.

Speaking of my long run, on Saturday I had 18 planned.  It was supposed to be sunny and warm(ish) and since I was having a hard time figuring out where to run, I suggested to Dan that I run out to the beach and he and the kids meet me there.  It was awesome because I didn't have to get my stuff ready the night before or have to sneak away in the predawn hours without waking anyone.  Instead, I slept in until almost 8am, had some breakfast and took my time getting ready.  I didn't leave until a little after 11am.  The run itself was pretty uneventful.  I ran all over North Bend and Coos Bay before heading out on Cape Arago Highway to meet up with my family at Bastendorff Beach.  I was again reminded of just how incredibly hilly this little coastal area is.

Those hilly reminders, help me not to miss the stroller quite as much.

I maintained a pretty decent pace and felt pretty strong until about mile 13 and then I was ready to be done.  That's also about the time that I hit the highway and the traffic picked up, as did the wind and the clouds.  For quite a while the shoulder was pretty wide and there was even a bike path but I still don't care much for running into heavy traffic.  With about 2 miles left to go, I got a text from Dan saying that they were stuck at the draw bridge waiting for a boat to pass.  I told him they would probably pass me, but I picked up my speed a bit to try and beat them.  They caught me with 3/4 of a mile to go.  (I ended up with 18.54 miles in 2:47:06 for a 9:01 average pace.) I got to the parking lot as they were still unloading from the car and was greeted with big hugs from my kids and a container of chocolate milk from Dan.  It was great!

The beach was a very welcome sight.  
I had great visions of taking an ice bath in the ocean, buuuuut, this is as far as I got:
 It is the Oregon Coast in February after all... it was sooooooo cold.

Unfortunately, what was left of the sunny weather had gone away long before we made it to the beach.   That of course didn't stop the kids though, they still had a great time building castles and digging holes,

while Dan and I took silly self-portraits.

By the time we left I had bundled up in all the extra warm clothes that I had packed to change into as well as some that Dan had brought me and was also carrying Euan around wrapped in his blanket to help keep me warm.  It still took the entire drive home, with the heated seat on and heater blasting as well as a looooooong hot shower to get warmed up again. 

It was nice to have a point to point run (of sorts, I still looped around town a bunch) to change things up a bit and I enjoyed spending the afternoon at the beach with my kiddos.  However, by the time bedtime came around, I was ready for it.


Anonymous said...

what a great way to get your miles in! i need to remember the concept of meeting the fam somewhere!!!!! so great!

Heather said...

WHAT!?! 18 miles already!?! You are amazing! What a fun long run!