Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fate said, "Sleep in."

Yesterday, I had one of those super unproductive, I didn't want to do anything (but curl up in my bed and cry, although I didn't) sort of days.  We did manage to get groceries and throw dinner together with no time to spare but that was about it.  So, I had big plans for today.  (It's funny that I'm already using the past tense as though, even though it's barely 8am and not all is lost... yet.)  Those big plans began with an early morning run followed by a day of laundry, deep cleaning and planning/preparing for book club (which I'm hosting on Thursday and of course includes a reupholstered chair... because we have crappy furniture and I want to seem presentable, ha!).

On the running docket for today is 10 miles with a 5 by 5 mile negative split.  I had no desire to do this on the treadmill.  10 miles on the treadmill, in the middle of the day, means a good hour and a half of time that Leona and Jonny (mostly Jonny) can get into all sorts of trouble not to mention, Mr. I'm not happy in the baby swing any more and rarely nap for more than an hour at a time and don't want to hang out in the play pen while you run and run in place.  So, the plan was to get up early, early, early this morning and run before the day began.  (Again, notice the past tense, that WAS the plan.)  We went to bed at a reasonable hour, if I fell asleep right then, I would've had 6 1/2 hours of sleep... doable.  1/2 hour later... still awake, okay 6 hours, still able to function, 5 1/2... might be kind of grumpy in teh afternoon...  Finally drifted off just in time for Euan to start crying... let him cry, he'll go back to sleep.  So I did and he did, just long enough for me to fall asleep again, then he started crying again, this time loudly and persistently enough that I got out of bed, went into his room, just to have him stop and be totally asleep by the time I got to his crib.  Alright, back to bed for me... wide awake.  Try not to think... be still... go to sleep...zzzzzzz.  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!  Why is the smoke detector going off!  Dan hops up and silences it.  We talk about how weird that was.  Immediatley he passes back out.  I lay there again... don't think... be still.... go to sleep.... seriously, go to sleep.... zzzzzz.  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!  Seriously?!!  Dan hops up again, but this time it silences itself.  Wide awake, we talk about how amazing it is that the blaring beeping doesn't wake up a single one of our children and discuss a plan of action for how we would get them out if there was a real fire then Dan passes out again, this time mid sentence, while I lay there awake.  This time I don't try to fall asleep, knowing that the minute I do the dumb detector will be blasting away again... this time of course it doesn't.  I have 2 glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep until Euan decides to wake up.  This time he doesn't console himself and for good reason, he is totally soaked... pajamas, bed, blankets.  I get him changed (wishing that I had not left his laundry in the dryer) and don't want to deal with bedding so I bring him into bed with us where he decides it must be play time since he is wide awake and proceeds to babble and hit me and flop all over for the next hour (while Dan sleeps away next to us).  Then he falls asleep and assumes the starfish position, until he gets restless again, grabs the blankets and does a crocodile death roll, over and over until he's back in the place he started but with all the blankets tangled around him.  At this point I turn off my alarm that is set to go off in a little over an hour and say to myself, if it's meant to be then Euan will wake up around 4 and I will feed him before heading out the door.  Fate decided it wasn't meant to be, he slept until 5:15, which was just late enough that I couldn't get my run in and be back in time for Dan and the kids to leave for the bus/work.

The moral of the story?  Fate shouldn't trump alarm clocks.  Here's to hoping that fate gives me a very productive morning, 3 sleepy kids around lunch time and a nice long uninterrupted session with Stanley.  What are you fated for today?


BeePieRuns said...

Isn't that how it always works out?!? I had a similar night of restlessness; however it was due to a dog with potty issues - apparently she had gotten into some fatty pork scraps. Yeah, it was gross. Hope your day gets better!!

Heather said...

How is it that such tiny children can always take up SO much room in the bed!?! I've no doubt you'll make up that 10 mile run in an even more awesome time than you would have today.

Janet said...

So I am just reading your blog today. I hope you were able to make up your run. Some days are just bad from the beginning (like the night before).