Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's play catch up...

I have been nothing if not a negligent blogger over the past month or so.  Life is busy.  Holiday life is busy.  Holiday life with 5 kids is even busier.  In addition, Dan's computer pooped out over the holidays, so we are now a one laptop family, which means basically no computer for me nights and weekends...  Anyway, Emme and Calvin went back to school on Monday and I'm finally at a spot where I feel I'm almost caught up and back to somewhat of a normalish routine and can take a few seconds to get things updated on here.  Although, this tired/grumpy little boy seems to think that he's done sitting in his highchair now that breakfast is over... so I'll have to make it quick.
Christmas was great.  For the first time since Jonny was born, we stayed home for it.  No yurt this year.  Dan had to work Christmas Eve as well as the day after, so it just seemed logical.  Plus, since we now live on the coast, there was no real need to "vacation" here.  On Christmas Eve, Emmeline wrote, directed, narrated and did costume design for a little Christmas play that we all enjoyed and
 then we went to Shore Acres to see the wonderful Christmas lights display.  It was pretty cold, but it wasn't raining and the lights were beautiful.  We will definitely be making that part of our holiday traditions.

Euan wasn't super impressed, I think he would've preferred to be in bed.
After the lights, we came home and opened our traditional Christmas Eve gifts (jammies and a game... this year Just Dance 4 which worked great to get everyone tired out for bed)
Still, not so sure about all the Christmas stuff...
then put out some goodies for Santa and headed to bed.
Christmas morning brought all the fun and excitement it normally does.  Dan and I were actually pretty excited to sleep in until 7:20.  I guess the kids took the threat of "if anyone comes up stairs before 7am, Christmas will be canceled!" quite seriously.

 Jonny mostly enjoyed the candy.

 Euan's favorite thing was still the lights.

 And then the excitement was over and the naps began.
I also managed to get in a nice, middle of the day, Christmas day run before getting Christmas dinner put together.  It was lovely!

The day after Christmas was Emme's birthday.  This year, since we were in town, I had no excuse not to make her a cake.  I did this while she was sitting in the kitchen reading her new Christmas books and apparently she didn't notice at all.  She was quite surprised to see that I had not only made her a cake but decorated it too!

Emme turned 9 this year, which really doesn't seem that old, but I swear she is 9 going on at least 15.  It probably doesn't help that she got a cell phone for her birthday.  Needless to say she was quite ecstatic and pretty surprised.  It came in a big huge box... she had no idea. It doesn't do anything very cool besides make calls and texts, but hey she's 9 and has a cell phone... she's happy!

Following Emme's birthday, came our 11th wedding anniversary.  I was met with tulips in the kitchen when I woke up and a lovely card then super surprised to open the front door and find my favorite, daisies, smiling up at me from the porch.
 I put together a nice little candlelit dinner, that we shared with Euan while Emme was in charge of the others in the basement.  I even pulled out all the cheesy stops and had us dance to our wedding song (yes, it's country, no I don't usually care for country...).  It was a nice evening.

The day after our anniversary, the kids and I loaded up and headed to Klamath Falls, where we got to enjoy some time with the grandparents

and a few aunts and uncles.  For New Year's Eve, I let the kids stay up as late as they wanted.  Jonny crashed sometime around 10:30, Leona asked me at 11:30 if it would be okay if she went to bed and Emmeline and Calvin stayed up until 2:30am!!  I was truly impressed.  We played games and had a great time.

While in Klamath Falls, we had the opportunity to play in the snow and go sledding with fun aunt Stephanie.  It was pretty cold,
 but we bundled up 
 and had a great time.
Who knew that pool toys could make such fun sleds?!

As for running, I only had one rough week were I missed a couple of workouts...  between the lack of sleep, pretty cold temps and traveling, I wimped out.  I did get in a couple of pretty decent runs while on vacation though, including a 12 miles in the snow, which was a fun time for this rainy running girl.  My dad surprised me by playing paparazzo around mile 8 and documenting my adventure:

It really was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of my run.  I even stopped for a few pictures myself:
My only complaint was that I wore (for the first time) my Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest, which I absolutely loved, except for the fact that within the first 2 miles the water in the tube froze, so I couldn't drink it.

I went for another snowy run to start the new year.  It was sunny and cold but gorgeous.

Well, I think that just about catches this blog up.  I still owe you a race report from the Frozen Trail Run Fest... soon...

And in case you're wondering, yes, this little guy 

got too grumpy for his highchair a loooooong time ago and has since napped and awakened.  Blogging is never a quick thing for me... especially when I have to keep taking breaks and do things like be an attentive mom.  Silly kids.... ha!


Micha said...

Emme got a phone!!!!! Wow. I bet she is one happy kid! Oh, it looks like the Christmas season was good to your family. The light display is fantastic!

Heather said...

Yay! A blog post! I promise to go for a run tomorrow now--thank you! :) And I think we will need to make a trip to Shore Acres one of these Christmas seasons, too. That looked awesome! Love the update--glad to see all is well in Coos Bay!

BeePieRuns said...

My 9 year old would love to be in your 9 year old's shoes with that cell phone! Fun stuff!!

Michele said...

My little one also thinks he's too old for his highchair and the usual hour long sits while mom works have flown out the window. Now I'm lucky if I get 10 minutes! We call him Dr. Distructo because once he's out of there, the whole house is destroyed in a minute. I know how you feel.... but I only have 3. I can't imagine more. said...

Fantastic photos - your snowy run looks incredible!! And there MUST be some serious teeth coming in those pink cheeks! I'm glad we're done with teething!!