Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The race that wasn't really. (Thanksgiving Weekend Recap)

I had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  I ate a bunch of yummy food, had a lot of fun with my sister, stayed up way too late every. single. night. and skipped out on an organized race AND my scheduled long run (ahh, the horror!).  I'm still coming to terms with the missed long run but I'm okay with the DNS (did not start) for the race.  Since it was a day of race registration event it was less of a "no start" and more of a "no show".

I went back and forth up until 30 minutes before the race was to start before I finally decided I wasn't going to run it.  I've always wanted to do a turkey trot and thought this was the year it would happen, guess not.  I had an awesome Thanksgiving color inspired race day outfit but that was really the only reason I wanted to show up... not a very good one.  The race was at 9am and about a 30 minute drive from my parents' house.  I had stayed up until after 1am, gotten up again at 2 and 5 and then for good at 6:30, and I really didn't want to spend that much time away from my family when I had pie and breadsticks to be making.  Really though, the main reason for not showing up to run, was the fact that it was a prediction race.  I've never done one.  I had no idea how fast I could run a 5K right now and if I went out there and ran my bum off, I didn't want to be disappointed that I had sold myself short on my prediction or conversely feel goofy when I came in quite a bit slower than my predicted time.  Instead, I put on my awesome race day outfit and headed out for a quick 3 miles by my parents house.

My parents live close to my favorite place to run when I'm in Klamath Falls, the OC&E trail.  It is paved and quiet and straight.  As I headed out of their cul-de-sac, I felt the need to go fast and decided that even though I wasn't officially racing, there was no reason I couldn't run a speedy pace.  About a half mile in I decided that even though there was no one to compete against or any real finish line, there was no reason that I couldn't race myself and see just how quickly I could run a 5K... on little sleep, no breakfast and without warming up, not to mention a good 4000 feet higher in elevation.  First mile 7:45.  Not too bad, speedier than I've been running, but manageable.  Down a little hill, turn around, half way done and back up to finish mile 2.  7:12.  Starting to feel it now.  Thinking about how glad I am 5K is so short and how glad that I'm not actually racing anyone.  That would really hurt.  I spent the final mile trying to do pacing math and figuring if I could get in under 22 minutes.  Mile 3, 6:50.  Final .1 up to my parents' house, 6:06 pace, for a 5K time of 22:27.  It was a great race, just me against myself and I won!  Although I was quite a bit faster than my prediction of 23:45, so I might have actually lost.  Either way, it was a fun race or at least a good way to gear up for eating all the food.  In addition, I was gone for less than 30 minutes and didn't regret skipping out on the actual turkey trot.

Thanksgiving dinner was awesome, with all kinds of food and yummy pies.  We also had a lot of fun at my Grandma's Christmas party, the Ducks beat up on the Beavers in the Civil War and my sister took some awesome family pictures for us.  Here are a few of my favorites of the kids:

It was an awesome weekend, quick and busy, the kind that leaves a person feeling like a vacation is needed to recover from it, but it was awesome nonetheless.

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Janet said...

I'm glad you won your race on Thanksgiving day. Wish I could have raced with you. Love the pictures.