Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sick is not sexy.

When I was younger, i.e. early 20's... more importantly single or newly married, I had a philosophy... you feel the way you dress.  In other words, if you're feeling kind of frumpy, spend extra time doing your hair, make sure to put on make up, wear your favorite outfit and you're more likely to feel a little bit better.  Even if you are truly genuinely sick, you will feel better if you've put some effort into your appearance.  Now, however, well into my 30's, with a husband locked down and 5 kids to boot, I'm finally starting to realize that some days you just have to dress the way you feel.  Case in point... today I have a terrible sore throat and my head is swimming.  I dressed up for story time.  I stayed dressed up for a quick trip out to Emme's school.  I stayed dressed up all through lunch until my 33 year old self said to the 20 year old voice in my head,  "Why?  Being dressed up is not helping you to feel better.  You can't make sick into sexy with a pair of jeans, a lace trimmed shirt and a nice sweater.  Sick is sick, you may as well be comfortable."  The 20 year old voice in my head could only think of how comfortable jammies would be and had no retort, so my 33 year old self won the battle and I went to change back into my new favorite pants to lounge/sleep/be sick in.

See, last night I had to return a few impulse purchases and while doing so, happened across a pair of Puma Fleece pants.  I won't call them sweatpants, because then they wouldn't seem as cool.  They are however, whatever you want to call them, seriously the most comfortable pair of pants that I have ever put on.  When I tried them on last night, I told Dan that I just might never take them off again.  Now when he gets home and sees me still in them, he'll worry that maybe I wasn't joking.  They don't make me feel sexy, (more like they make me want to curl up in my bed with a book and some hot chocolate) but that's okay, because I'm sick and sick is not sexy.


Joleane said...

Hope you feel better soon! Sick is also not fun.

Heather said...

Are we supposed to RETURN our impulse purchases??? That's what I'm doing wrong! Love the pants--definite keepers, even if they don't scream "don't you want me baby!!!"

Jane said...

This is hilarious and so true! After having my first kiddo a few months ago, I actually bought some army green Capri sweats because I didn't want my husband to come home to me in pj's all the time. So I don't sleep in my Capri sweats...those are just for lounging...even when I'm not sick. :)