Friday, November 9, 2012

Random numbers...

4kids awake before 5:30am, on a day where they don't have school

4kids in tears before breakfast was even over

1child bitten by another child today

7age of the child doing the biting

30seconds I spent in disbelief that my 7 year old had reverted to biting

6number of people that should be taking naps today, regardless of age

2guaranteed naps

6hours before I leave for the "2nd Annual Favorite Things Party" in Eugene

3Lickety Split Bags, I whipped out yesterday when I finally decided for sure I was going

18+hours I will not miss my 4 oldest children

14+miles that I can't wait to run tomorrow with Heather on the muddy trails of Mt. Pisgah

1pair of shoes that I hope to have completely covered in mud by the time the run is over

11months since the last time I ran at Pisgah

31+miles that run was

1month until the next time I run at Pisgah

14+miles that run will be

0seconds I will spend wishing I was running on my treadmill in the garage

1picture of this little guy that I just can't seem to get enough of

4kids are now being absolutely silent... something must be wrong, better go.

Ooh, I've got one more number for you:

1day left to enter my giveaway for your very own Yurbuds... check it out HERE.

Any random numbers going on in your life?

Hope you all have a happy weekend.  I know mine will be.  Not much beats girl time, Eugene and muddy trails... probably only one on one husband time at a nice tropical location and since that isn't in the cards right now I'll settle for the girl time.


Micha said...

YAY!!!! You're coming!!! That's 1 more happy friend (though I know the number is really MUCH higher than that).

Marci said...

Nice post! I love that you are so entertaining. I wish that I was in shape to run with you guys. I can't wait to see the bags in person.

me/mom/NANA said...

I love those bags. Do you have a pattern or is it one of your own? Your little one is soooooooo cute but that is no surprise. Have fun this weekend,

Heather said...

1 Lickety Split Bag that I hope to leave the party with tonight!!!

14 miles I can't wait to run! (not sure I've ever said that about 14 miles actually)

So glad you are getting away for a girl weekend!

Becky at Prairie Runner said...

9 - times that I have visited OR - if I could move there I would!

31 - conference reports I should be working on instead of reading blogs!