Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Day

Today is National Hug a Runner Day!  How cool is that?!  (I'm not sure who made it up, but I saw it online, so it must be true, right?  Ha!)  It's also my birthday (that one I can verify)... that means I should be getting twice as many hugs as normal.  Lucky me!  I don't know if you noticed, but I haven't exactly been blogging much lately.  So, consider this a catch up post of some great stuff over the last little bit.

A little bit ago, I got to spend the night in Eugene, where I had an awesome time catching up with some of my closest friends at the 2nd Annual Favorite Things Party.  I came away with some good stuff and had a lot of fun in the mean time.  I also learned that a lot of people have told me stuff about them that they haven't told other people and that in general I have a pretty good grasp on figuring people out.  This great knowledge helped me score big in a "guess who's deep dark secret we're revealing" kind of game.

I stayed the night in Eugene with Heather so that we could hit up Mt. Pisgah for some much needed Eugene trail running time, while her kiddos took care of Euan for me.  We had planned for around 14 miles but ONLY did 12 1/2 which is the longest I've gone since Hippie Chick last spring.  It was awesome...

Heather, me, Audrey
 right up until the time we got back to the car and I realized the pocket that I had put the car key in had a big hole in it and the key was gone, gone, gone.
Luckily I always have a spare key in my purse.  Unfortunately though, I don't run with my purse... it was locked in the car.  After a quick inspection of the ground around us to find it keyless, Audrey was kind enough to drive us to the one accessible spot on the trail where we had stopped to use the port-o-potty...then when we struck out there, she took us back to Heather's where the only option was to call a locksmith.  We did eventually get in the car to the waiting spare key.  As we were driving out of the park, we noticed a lost and found bucket on the park's sign and on a whim stopped to check it out.  Lo and behold... there was my key.  Because the key was nice and warm and it was a fairly cold morning, we decided that it must have only recently been placed there and we didn't waste all that time and money looking for the key and dealing with the locksmith.  As it turns out, Audrey later talked to someone who had actually been approached by the person who did find my key and it was waaaaaaay on the other side of the mountain and not merely in the parking lot.  For whatever reason, that made me feel better.  Ever lost anything important while running?  We lost one of Emme's shoes once on a long stroller run a loooooooong time ago.

My fun weekend was followed up by Veteran's Day, which Dan had off from work, so I was able to enjoy another happy running day outside.  It didn't quite compare to Eugene trail running, but it was outside in the rain and on a bit of trails and made my heart happy too.

Then, this past weekend, I went on a run with two new running friends that was also great.  Full of plenty of hills and a little view of the bay... although we had to hurry by that part because it was next to a water treatment plant that smelled oooooh sooooo bad.  All, in all, running has been going well and I've been getting outside enough that it makes the Stanley running bearable. 

Today, a new friend is making me lunch and has invited Leona and Jonny for a play date.  Dan is going to pick up a cake on his way home from work and some takeout food too.  Hope your day is as happy as mine!


pepperland67 said...

The trails where you run look beautiful! I am in Ohio, and those kind of trails are few & far between in my area. One question though: do you ever get spooked running in the woods alone? Are there a decent number of people where you run? Just curious, because I know we chicks try to run as safely as possible. I think (initially anyway) my husband would worry about me on the trails alone. Love your blog! :)

Heather said...

Okay I am way behind on your blog and getting caught up tonight! Love all the trail pics! You are gonna kick my trash at Pisgah next week! :)