Thursday, October 25, 2012

This and that... some random thoughts.

  • I never thought I'd say this, but I haven't really been missing having a dishwasher.  In fact, yesterday, when it was freezing cold in my house I almost ALMOST relished washing dishes by hand in the hot soapy water.  It definitely helped me warm up a bit.  Also there's almost a sense of huge accomplishment I get after completing an ultramarathon dish washing set.  Sometimes I wonder if I would've relished being a 1950's era housewife.  No, probably not, but it would make for a great experiment.  I'd love the styles, but don't think I'd be able to sacrifice all of my modern conveniences nor go back 50+ years in thoughts and behaviors.  If I was going to go back to a time period for fashion alone, I think I'd jump all the way back to the '20s.  If you could go back in time, what period would you go to?  Really, when I think about it, I'm a big fan of everything from the late teens to the mid 70's. I think however, that the 80's and early 90's should be completely skipped over (which is funny because that's what I wore the most of)... yuck!  :P
  • Today is the last day of soccer practice for my kiddos.  Then they both have a game on Saturday and we are done with soccer for the season.  For Calvin, it has been a great season.  Dan is his coach and they are undefeated.  His team is really good, but also Dan has done an amazing job as a coach.  He gets the kids super excited and they have a lot of fun.  I think it has been a great experience for both of them.  Emme, on the other hand, has not had a very good season.  It started off well enough, there was a friend that she met at school that is on her team and they would practice soccer together at lunch but once the actual games began it all changed.  The team is coed, which was a big adjustment for Emme, she really doesn't like playing with the boys and is unfortunatly quite intimidated by them.  Also, her coaches are two younger coast guard guys that don't have kids of their own.  The coaches yell a lot and tend to be really critical in a negative way.  Emmeline struggles with criticism and definitely doesn't take well to being yelled at.  We've talked a lot about it, but she still shuts down after the first time she gets yelled at in a match.  We've convinced her to finish out the season (Higgins' don't quit... it's a family rule.) but I'm pretty sure she won't be playing again in the spring.  It's too bad, because she is a pretty decent little soccer player, but she's looking forward to trying something new... I think track!!

Emme, going towards goal (purple socks, green shorts)
Calvin on a breakaway with Coach Dan in the duck jersey
Calvin, tearing it up.
  • Euan is 5 months old (has been since Sunday).  He has been trying to learn some new tricks.  He's had the rolling over from his back to his belly thing down pretty well for over a month now.  Unfortunatley though, once on his belly, he would hang out for a bit before getting really angry.  For the last couple of days, though he has finally been rolling back over to his back, which makes him much more agreeable. I haven't seen him do it, but he has learned that he can go clear across the room by rolling.  All I know is that two separate times I laid him down yesterday on a blanket only to come back moments later and find him on the other side of the room... he's a sneaky little guy.  We've been practicing, but he hasn't quite figured out the whole sitting up thing.  He can do it randomly for a few moments but he is still too wobbly and ends up face planting into the carpet. 
concentrating hard on the task...
and going over.
  • Today, on the agenda, if I ever manage to get off the computer, will be Jillian Michaels this morning with a treadmill run this afternoon.  Thursdays are the only day that I double up my workouts right now.  I've gotten into a pretty good groove of running Mon, Wed, Thur, and Sat with Jillian for cross training on Tue & Thurs.  Friday (when I have all 5 kids home) and Sunday, I have made complete rest days (resting in the sense that I don't do an official workout... we tend to do some pretty intense house cleaning on Friday, which might just count as cross training), which is working pretty well for me.  Today, sandwhiched between my workouts, I need to get going on halloween costumes.  Did you know that next Wednesday is Halloween already?!  Where did October go?  Here's a teaser... Leona is going to be a Ninja Ladybug, the ninja part will come because she is going to wear an eye mask.


Raina said...

It's good to catch up on your family's goings on! I HATE washing dishes by hand. A dishwasher was my Christmas gift the year I was pregnant with Levi. Then we moved this summer, so now it's all by hand again....dried out crusty hands. If I could live in another era, maybe it would be the 17 or 1800's, but only if I could be upper-crust British with servants. haha.

Love the costume ideas and the soccer pics!

Marci said...

I love your family rules.

Janet said...

I would totally choose to live in the 50's. I love the stay at home mom thing and raising kids in that era.

vian tried said...

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