Thursday, October 11, 2012

Laundry is fun!

Ha ha, yeah right... especially at the laundromat.  However, that being said, Leona and Jonny, who enjoyed their first trip to the laundromat yesterday, think it is about the coolest thing ever.  See, we have a little issue with our dryer... it won't turn on... and despite hours and even days worth of me trying to fix it myself (with the help of my knew best friends on YouTube) it still remains unworking.  I'm determined to get it working again (and I will) but until that point the clothes must be cleaned and dried, so to the laundromat we went... luckily just to dry so not a very long trip.

The kids were seriously fascinated with all of the super cool washing and drying machines.  They helped load the clothes into the dryers and then they sat
 and sat
 and sat
 and sat some more
Euan sat too

 until I finally suggested that we go and color for a bit.
But even then, they kept running back to check on the clothes to make sure they were still spinning.  Here is a screen shot I took of them on my computer (which I had brought for them to watch movies when they got bored... which they didn't!!) off the laundromat's website.  (It streams live images... we waved to my mom too, who watched from work.  The kids thought it was pretty cool when I showed them themselves on the computer.)

 Then, before we knew it, it was time to unload the laundry into the baskets.  Leona and Jonny found this almost as enjoyable as watching the clothes spin around.  Win for me.
And here, is Jonny being a typical boy:
"Ha ha, Nona's unders!!"
Luckily she didn't hear him and I grabbed a quick picture before snatching them away from him, otherwise it would've been a full on brawl in the laundromat for sure.

Overall, I have to say that until the novelty of the spinning machines wears off, the laundromat (especially this exceptionally clean and empty one) was relatively painless and I won't dread future trips as much.  I'm still highly motivated to get our own dryer fixed however (and I will) because I know that the laundromat can't possibly such a fun adventure for ever.   If Stanley hadn't convinced me to spend all our extra funds on him maybe I could find a new to us dryer somewhere... too bad he doesn't double as a drying machine, now that would be cool.  Laundry and running at the same time?!  Yes please.


Micha said...

Maybe you could rig up the dryer to stanley so it was powered by your running. At least the kids find the laundry entertaining. Now you just have to train them to do the rest of it!

me/mom/NANA said...

Your father in law used YouTube to help him work on his Blazer. He loved the video and probably watched it 3 dozen times at least. He was as successful as you and your dryer. Good for you for trying. And your helpers are cute as can be. Thanks for sharing and making my day!!

Stephanie said...

Well, at least an otherwise tedious chore ended up being an exciting adventure for the kidlettes. :) The laundrymat CAN be a magical place. ;) Oh, and congratulations about Stanley. That will be handy.

Stephanie said...

Are you kidding me i still love to go to the laundromat. I would be right there next to them watching the clothes tumble in circles! I guess I am easily entertained =)