Thursday, October 4, 2012

I have reason.

Right now the planets have aligned and I have 3 sleeping children and the other two are at school for another couple of hours... what to do, what to do, what to do....  apparently blog for a bit.  :)  My house is a disaster and I should be using this time wisely, but since I still have over 24 hours before Dan comes home from his week away (speaking of which, I'd never make it as a single parent), I've got plenty of time to procrastinate.  Back to the sleeping children, only one is actually in his own bed (Euan), Leona passed out is "taking a power nap, after all" her words, not mine, dressed to the nines, on my bed
I think everyone should wear a princess dress and "glass" slippers for naps.
and for some reason, Jonny thought that Emme's was the place for him.  Oh well, I'll take it while it lasts.  If nothing else, it gives me a good reason to blog for a bit, albeit random, disjointed blogging.

To catch up on a bit of recent news, my running date, went quite well.  I was very happy to discover, through my new friend, Joanna, that there is a nice bit of trail (paved and dirt/sand) right here in the middle of my town.  In fact, it is not too far from my front door.  Rumor has it, it isn't the best place to run in the wee or late hours, alone at least, but it did make my heart so happy when we started running in it.  It was a very picture worthy run, but being a first date and all, I didn't want to say, hang on a sec while I take a picture for my blog, so I tried to get one on the run...
yeah, probably not the best quality... I can claim it was because we were running so fast, but that probably wasn't the case either.  Anyway, Saturday's run went so well, that I took Joanna up on the offer to do it again on Monday.  She just sent her youngest off to kindergarten and after 12+ years of pushing a stroller, was more than happy to push Euan, while I pushed Jonny and Leona in the double.  Monday's run didn't go quite as well though.  For one thing the stroller's tires were a bit too flat, and I think Leona and Jonny must have doubled their weight since I last pushed them... long before Euan was born.  Go ahead and throw in a bunch of hills and Leona's incessant whines to get out and help and add that to me being far from double stroller shape and it was ugly.  We only made it 2.5 miles worth of the trails and I. was. done.  I might have even had to walk a bit up a couple of the hills.  It was very humbling.

That poor showing aside, however, I'm still ecstatic to have a place I can go to run and that is away from all the traffic.  No, it will never truly rival my lovely trails in Eugene, but it's a start.  I have good reason to lament being away from the running in Eugene, it has been named #2 in the top 10 best cities in the US for running, after all, losing out only to NYC, central park schmentral park... big deal.  Eugene has Ridgeline.  In fact, Portland made the list too... I would say that right there gives Oregon a good claim to being the top state for US running.  At least I still live in the state.  I would have to believe, however, that Coos Bay/North Bend won't be making the list any time soon.  If not for the lack of running options, I would have to factor in crime as big deterrent.  I think as far as crime and more importantly murders per capita go this county has more than it's fair share of them.  Did you hear about the pigs?!  Our humble little county made national news, I'm so proud.  Reminds me of a little movie quote:
"You cannot move a dead body whole. First of all you have to dice the body into six pieces and pile it up into a bag. Then you'll need to find a pig farm and starve the pigs for a couple of days. The pigs will be so hungry that the body will look like curry to them. They will go through bone like butter, that means that 40 pigs can digest 80 pounds of fat, that's 2 pounds every minute, hence the expression 'as greedy as a pig'". Brick Top, Snatch 
I think that I'm actually glad I don't get as much inside information into all the crime in the area as I could... I'd probably never leave my house.  Can't you just picture me, locked into my basement with all 5 of my kids, never venturing outside?!  You think I'm crazy now... ha!

In other random news, Mr. Euan had his 4 month check up today.  His appointment was at 9:30, we showed up at 9:15 and didn't get out of there until 11:25!!!  I was truly amazed with Leona and Jonny, they played trucks and did puzzles and really didn't start getting restless until right before he got his vaccines.  No one ever apologized that they were running behind and I didn't ask if they normally make patients wait in the room for over an hour, but I surely hope that isn't customary or we just might need to find a new pediatrician.  I was more than getting restless and that was with amazingly well behaved kiddos... can't see that happening again.  We made an impromptu stop off at Goodwill on the way home, searching for a couple things that we didn't find, which is where the kids patience wore out, when I kept saying no to every amazing treasure we encountered.  Leaon was not pleased until we happened by this beauty in the Halloween costumes:
Leona was just positive we needed to add to our collection of dresses so that I could look the part when we play princess.  Although I was tempted, I mean seriously, have you ever seen such an amazing dress?!!  Just look at those sleeves!!  I ultimately decided it wouldn't be the most practical purchase.  I did talk to a local coastie though, who was enamoured by our picture taking:
Me:  Quite a dress, huh?
Old sea hag:  Isn't it though.  How much is it?
Me:  $8.99
Old sea hag : (in between puffs of her cigarette... I kid, you can't smoke in Goodwill)  Wow, someone could get married in it!
Me:  (shocked silence)  Umm, yeah.
Luckily for Emme and Leona, I didn't purchase it.  Not even with thoughts of their weddings or even future formal dances.  Leona was tempted to throw another fit, but I placated her with the empty words of, "not this time, maybe next time... if it's still here".  At some point she's going to catch on to the fact that "next time" never seems to happen.

Anyway, my little man is growing like a weed... tall and puny.  He's topping off the charts at 26 1/2 inches long while scooting around the bottom of the curve at 15 pounds.  He was all charm though with his big old smile and had all the nurses in love.

Alas, those happy smiles are wearing off now and the fact that he got those nasty vaccines in his leg is taking over as I hear him calling me.  Chances are I won't be blogging again for a few days, so have a happy weekend.  Good luck to all the racers this weekend, lots of big races going on.  Special amazingly good luck to Heather, who will no doubt be getting her BQ in St. George on Saturday!!!  Happy running!

(Wow, that was really long and random.  I think I could use some adult conversation.  Yay, Dan will be home tomorrow!)


Rain said...

I wonder why there is so much crime in your area? I have heard nothing but good things about Oregon. I guess you can look in any area, even ours and see there is a lot of crime. Very scary, think I will avoid looking in to it :)

Hope you get your house cleaned and a break from the dreaded stroller running!

Heather said...

Actually I have to admit that I thought of you and your new town when I heard about the pigs!!! Thanks for the shout out on the race--fingers are crossed for a good race! Wish you were running it with me. I'm afraid if I'm not trying to chase you down those last 6 miles that I won't be nearly fast enough.