Monday, October 29, 2012

Double digits & soccer Saturday.

Saturday, I got up nice and early to go on my first double digit run post having Euan.  It was dark and rainy, but I was actually pretty excited... the last time I ran double digits was at the Hippie Chick Half in May.  Up until Saturday, my longest run was a little over 6 miles, however, so I planned my very hilly route with options to cut it short at 6 or 8 miles if needed.  6 was never really an option but I did hesitate at 8, before turning to make it a complete 10.  I probably could have called it good at 8, but I wasn't really feeling like there was any real reason to cut the run short and I knew I'd be happier if I did the entire 10... so I did and I was happy.
Surprisingly enough, I was also pretty happy as I was trompsing up a couple of the bigger hills.  If there would've been light and had there been people around they probably would have thought I was some crazy lady practically laughing while pushing a stroller up a big hill in the wee hours of the morning.  I was smiling because I was thinking to myself how small the slight inclines on the course of the Eugene Marathon are going to seem... especially when running them without a baby in a stroller.

The rest of Saturday was spent in the rain watching Emme and Calvin's final soccer matches while Leona and Jonny played in the mud and made "mud balls".

Emme's team won their game and she actually played the whole time and had a lot of fun.  It was a good way for her to end the season... really the only game she enjoyed. Calvin's team, on the other hand, lost their game.  Their first loss of the season.  Calvin took it pretty hard.  It was probably the only game he didn't enjoy. He scored 2 goals towards the end of the match but just didn't have enough in him to make up the deficit.  They lost 4-2.  I think that Dan was pretty bummed too because they could have won if Dan had played all the boys up front and not kept the rotations fair.  I think, however he made the right choice.  Despite the loss, the kids still had a great time and ended up league champs.

As for this week, it's get ready for Halloween week, or really get ready for halloween couple of days.  Did I mention that I'm a professional procrastinator.  Today, I need to make Emme's poodle skirt, sew the spots on Leona's ladybug skirt and figure out what Calvin is going to be.  The plan was for Calvin to be an old school ghost (ie white sheet with eyes cut out) but he brought it to our attention, yesterday, that he can't have anything covering his face at school... that could be problematic.  He doesn't really want to dress up and at the same time that he does want to dress up.  In other words, he's being the tough guy that wants to wear a costume, wants it to look good, but doesn't want to look like he tried.  That's why we were doing the ghost... classic but cool. Any ideas?

Alright my rolly polly baby thinks he wants breakfast, so I better get going.  He has definitely figured out that he can roll over and over and over again to get places.  The problem is that he rolls until he runs into something (usually the wall) and hasn't figured out that he can roll back the other way so he just keeps trying to roll through the wall and getting angry.

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Rain said...

WOW! That is a super hilly route! And with a stroller?! Nice work getting it done!!