Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things that go bump in the night...

It seems that when I move to a new place, it takes some time to get used to the new noises that a house makes.  There are different outsides sounds and different inside sounds and they are all of course different than the sounds that my old house made.  The one thing that I've noticed about this house is how quiet it is.  When we lived in Eugene, we were close to the University, on the corner of a fairly well traveled street, just down from a pretty busy elementary school and the traffic (and party noises) were pretty consistent.  Now we live in a very quiet residential area in a group of looping dead end streets... the peacefulness is awesome, it hasn't taken me any time to get used to it. 

It isn't always completely peaceful however.  Last night I was awakened (after having just fallen asleep from being up with Euan) to some very strange sounds... some thump, thump, thumping up the stairs.  I have heard that sound before (in fact I used to hear it in Eugene too) it was the sound of a little man trying to sneak from his room into ours to sleep.  The sound, however didn't come into our room, it bump, bump, bumped towards the kitchen.  Then I heard some more strange sounds, some scratch, click, clicking at the plastic lock that (unsuccessfully) keeps little monsters out of the refrigerator.  That was followed by a shuffling and clinking of jars until I heard a strangely familiar gasp and a loud whisper, "Yoooguuuurt, mmmmmm".  Yep, Jonny was up at 3:30 this morning fixing himself a little breakfast... much to his dismay I foiled his plan.

As he continues to get older and develop his traits, I'm beginning fear that I'm going to have another Calvin on my hands.  With Calvin, it was eggs, cinnamon and sugar toast,  and the ever infamous waffle episode (although I do believe Emmeline had a lot to do with that one).  The difference is, Calvin just wanted to make messes, Jonny is all about the food, as in, he would be eating every second of the day, if I would let him.  That is why he constantly feels the need to sneak food (particularly yogurt and apples, although he's been known to break into instant pudding and uncooked pasta too) and hide to eat it places, like outside on the deck, locked in the bathroom, under the table...  I swear I feed him enough.

I guess the moral of the story is... If you ever hear some strange bumps in the night, chances are it's Jonny, who has eaten his way through our refrigerator and is moving on to yours.

Keep your eyes peeled, he's a sneaky one.


ErinandShane said...

LOL, this is great. Good luck.

Emz said...

Cutest sneaky one ever.
I'm sooooo with you on new home noises. Kinda strange.

He can eat anything---but my pickles. ;)