Friday, September 28, 2012

Resistance training & I have a date!

The other day, I didn't think I was going to be able to get a run in between double soccer practices a church activity for Emme and my new found fear of running in the dark in my new town.  After doing a little figuring, I realized that if Leona went to soccer practice with Dan and Calvin then I could run with Jonny and Euan in the double while Emme was at her church activity.  Perfect!

Everything went according to plan until we got to the church and I remembered how incredibly windy and hilly the edge of North Bend is.  Truth is, I was expecting the hills, it's kind of hard to avoid them here on the coast, but I had forgotten about the wind, we get wind at our house, but nothing like they do in other parts of Coos Bay/ North Bend.  Luckily, Jonny was excited to go for a run and Euan never really complains so I couldn't back out.  I put on the rain cover because, I wanted to make sure the kiddos stayed warm and also it seems to help the stroller be less of a parachute working against me.
I had about 45 minutes of time to waste until Emme would be done, so we decided just to explore the neighborhood around the church... basically up and down some hills, then up and down some more hills.  Unfortunately, most of the streets weren't marked as dead ends or not through streets, so we did lots of back tracking but it was a great way to get to know the area.  We did manage to make it to the edge of the neighborhood and have a nice view of the bay (maybe ocean... I really don't know, I'm so confused here... I'm pretty sure it was the bay though).
you can also kind of get a glimpse of the wind in this picture
There were a few places where they were building some subdivisions.  I was amazed to see that they build them right there on the sand dunes.  It seems like I've heard a song/story, I guess technically a parable, about the not so wise man building his house on the sand.  It seems like if one was to take the parable literally, one would think twice before building his house on the sand.
I wonder if the construction people feel like they are building life sized sandcastles?!

Anyway, the run was mostly uneventful, if you don't count the hills and the wind.  We stopped to pick a couple of blackberries, which of course ended up smashed all over the stroller and Jonny's pants instead of in his mouth.  As we were coming down one fairly steep hill facing directly into the wind, I did a little experiment and let the stroller go.  It was windy enough that I wasn't at all worried about it getting away too fast from me, in fact I honestly thought it would come back towards me.  Although my hypothesis wasn't exactly correct, the stroller didn't go backwards, it did indeed not go anywhere, which was pretty impressive because we were definitely on a decline.
In my opinion, running with a stroller, especially a double makes for some pretty decent resistance training.

As far as dating news goes, I have a running date for the morning.  A lady from my church, that I have yet to officially meet, texted me and wants to get together in the morning for a run.  I'm pretty excited, especially since, through her, I've already discovered that there are some pretty decent paved and dirt trails not too far from my house.  On the other hand, it hasn't been that long since I got out of my last running relationship, with Heather (my tutu wearing partner in crime)... in fact, we still talk and are making future running/racing plans, and I kind of feel like I'm cheating on her.  Hopefully she won't see it that way though.  When I moved away, I think we kind of agreed, in unspoken words, that it would be okay to see other people.  :)  I'll have to see how it goes.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  For me, after running, it's a full day of soccer games, then church on Sunday, then Dan will be gone for an entire week!  If I can survive that, with no possible way to run, I truly believe I will be able to survive anything.


XLMIC said...

Good luck with your week "on"! Any chance of finding a friend/neighbor who could come over at naptime so you could pop out a little run? That might take the edge off.

So awesome you found a potential running buddy!

Rain said...

That is super hilly! And with a double that must have been tough!

I hope your running date goes well. It's always a little adjustment running with someone new.

Heather said...

Okay, I'm just getting caught up on your blog here so I'm a little slow to the news that you've been stepping out on me! And I have to hear it thru your blog??? You could have at least texted me and told me! ;-) Now anyone I run with will think that they're just my "rebound running partner" after being left by my "sole" mate! :-)