Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Power of the tutu

try not to be jealous of my luscious yard
 Saturday was the Prefontaine Memorial 10K here in Coos Bay.  I've always kind of wanted to run this race yet had previously been able to find excuses not to.  Now living just up the street from the course there was really no reason not to do it... well except for the fact that it is an incredibly challenging course and I'm seriously undertrained.  Dan convinced me though that it was just a run, not a race... so I went with that.  Just a run, no big deal.  Ha!  I was still a nervous wreck race (oops I mean run) day eve and day of the race run.

I had wanted something cool to wear, like some awesome Prefontaine shirt, but couldn't come up with anything.  I decided to just run in a "normal outfit" until the night before the race when Emme and I were at the store and came across some Oregon eye black stickers.  It was decided, I would honor Pre's Alma Mater (and mine) and pull out the sparkly green and yellow tutu... it was game day Saturday after all and you know I love my ducks.

Anyway, after rescuing my tutu from my kiddos, my dad drove my mom and I to the start (Dan and the kids would meet us at the top of the first hill).  We ended up parking a bit away and had close to a mile to get to the start.  Although we thought we might not make it, we did, with minutes to spare and even enough time to say hello to Little Fruit Fly (who went on to run an amazing race!) and her man.  After a little talk from the announcer about the 4 runners that would be completing the race for the 33rd time!!! (every year since its inaugurate) and some awesome music, we were off.  My mom and I had decided beforehand that we weren't going to run together for this race, so after the start we split up.  I passed my dad, who snapped this beauty
and then it was pretty smooth sailing to the top of the first hill, where Dan and the kiddos were waiting to cheer us all on.  I didn't really have any goals for this race, other than to run it well and try and be smart about it.  I knew that with all my nervous energy, I might get caught up in going out too fast, which could prove deadly given the hilliness of the course.  I ran, what I thought to be fairly comfortably but looked at my watch to see too much of the first mile at sub 8 minute pace... which I am not in shape for.  I slowed down a fair amount (which was easy to do as we crested the hill) and tried to stop thinking so much.  I was still feeling pretty good when I came up to Dan and my cheering section.
It was a quick high five from everyone, nice and neatly lined up
  except Jonny who snubbed me & Euan who was strapped into the car seat, sleeping, guess it wasn't all that exciting for him...
then a blur of green and yellow tulle
and I was one my way...
The remainder of the run was pretty uneventful, up and down a few hills... they killed me, I was not prepared (even though I had previously run the course) and tons of negative thoughts about how I never wanted to race again.

Because it was an out and back, I had the opportunity to see Little Fruit Fly and my mom who were both not too far behind me.  I was so impressed with my mom who was trucking right along at a pretty impressive looking pace.  There were quite a few spectators out and since I wasn't exactly blending into the crowd with my outfit I feel that I stole more than my share of encouragement.  I think I had forgotten the amazing power of the tutu when it comes to getting cheers at races.  I even got a "go random girl in the duck tutu" from a group of high school runners on the track.  The encouragement was very much welcomed as I was definitely not feeling it for this race.  The only part of the course I had not run was the "slight hill" up to the track and then the track itself.  When I saw the "slight hill", I almost cried, it looked gigantic.  Then once up that, I could see the entrance to the track, I was hoping beyond hope that we only had to run a short way on the track, but of course not, it was almost a complete 400... I. was. done.  I really should have passed that girl in front of me, but I didn't even try.
Dan and the kids didn't make it down to the finish, because 3 of them had fallen asleep but my dad was there to take a picture and hang out while we waited for my mom to finish.  My mom finished strong and was pleased with her race, as she should have been, she did an amazing job, especially considering she is fighting a knee injury as well as her pesky Achilles issues.   I love that she has gotten into running as much as she has, she is a great example!
I'm glad I did the run and I knew it wouldn't be a PR, however I still feel that I could have done a better job.  This thought was solidified when I compared my race splits on the course to a previous training run on the same course (all but the finish part... that last hill and around the track) and was over 30 seconds per mile slower.  I think I just got too worked up about it being a race... and I went out too fast.  Oh well.
if you're really interested to see, you'll have to click to enlarge
My official finish time was 54:47 which averages out to 8:49.  I placed 350 overall and 11th in my age. Although I feel like I never want to run it again, I definitely feel like I have something to prove for next year... good thing I'll have plenty of opportunity to work on those hills.

As a bonus, when I went to upload the race pictures, I was pleasantly surprised to find these gems on the camera... looks like someone had been having fun before church.


Fruit Fly said...

Although they are a lot faster than mine, our splits look pretty similar! You can definitely see where Agony Hill falls! It was so cool seeing you at the race!! And I bet I'll see you next year. There is something about that race where it is so hard and then you feel you just have to go back again to prove something to it and yourself! So see ya next year! ;)

Heather said...

Sounds to me like you totally rocked it! I've been running plenty of hills lately and wouldn't have been able to pull out that type of time. Nice job! Here's hoping next year I can come join you--tutu and all!

Callie. said...

you are awesome, Laurie. You just are!! Don't fight it...I have a lot of people who would back me up on this! :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I love this post! The power of the tutu! Yeah!
I felt the power of the sparkle skirt in WV--stealing the cheers and encouragement like you did. Love it!

jayloh said...

Last time I lurked around your blog, you'd just given birth.
I'm so inspired to see you looking and running so fit and strong, already! Great run (not race!). I ran my 1st, post-injury 5k, last weekend and was swearing off any more races the whole time, too. Glad I wasn't alone in that!

Katrina said...

I'm backing Callie up here. You're awesome. And I love your kids. And your tutu. And for your first post baby not race, you did awesome. Your crappy not race was a whole lot better than my best real race, but I don't run as much as you do either. I understand the frustration of baby recovery though and the long crappy process that it is.