Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Okay, NOW I surrender...

I went for a run last night.  It was awesome and it also kind of sucked.  The plan was to get up early yesterday morning and run but, like most of the mornings since little E was born, sleep won out.  Since I was afraid that I might talk myself out of running in the evening, I decided to give Jillian Michaels another chance to get rid of my trouble zones so that at least I would have accomplished some sort of workout for the day.  

If you're keeping track, this is my 3rd go of her workout.  I definitely feel like I'm getting the hang of all the moves and can even do most of them for all the sets... notice I said "most", honestly there are a few things she does that I might not ever be able to do.  For example, there is this killer ab routine called "windshield wipers"... even with my most positive affirmations, I can't imagine myself being able to complete it to the capacity that is requested.  

Anyway, after day 3, I was feeling that my recovery was going better... I could actually make it up and down our stairs without crying.  Then, yesterday evening, I went for a run.  Oh. My. Goodness.  My quads and hamstrings were on fire!!  It probably didn't help that I was pushing Euan and running the most intense hills of the Prefontaine course and that I hadn't run since the Pre, but I could tell most of it was from the evil Jillian.  It wasn't even just my legs, my abs and my shoulders were feeling pretty worked over too.  

Even though it kind of sucked to run, in the dark (at 7:30! that makes me so sad), with really sore/tired legs, it felt awesome.  It always feels awesome to go running but more than that it felt awesome to be sore and know that the soreness was because my body is getting molded into a better shape.  The best part was that one of Dan's buddies was staying with us last night so I was forced to be tough and not whine about going up and down the stairs.  He's gone now, however so I can whine about those stairs all I want... I'm sure Leona and Jonny won't think any less of me.  :)  Today, I think I'll do some more stretching and maybe a bit of yoga but Jillian is going to have to wait until tomorrow to beat me up.

On another note, about the run,  why is it that people have to be so tough/cool/annoying... I don't really know what they were being.  Here's my story.... So, I'm running along this street, it's a fairly busy, I think with a 45mph speed limit.  There are lots of big trucks and it is 4 lanes across with a large center turn lane.  There are sidewalks on both sides of the street and a couple of stop lights within the 2 mile stretch of it that I ran.  I ran on the sidewalk, as far away from the street as I could get, out and back on the same side so that after I got to my 2 mile turn around I was headed back going with the traffic... still on the sidewalk though.  I do this for a couple reasons... I don't have to cross the street as much and after it gets really dark, the headlights coming at me are so blinding that it makes it too hard to see and run.  Well, last night as I was running back, a car came right up beside me and honked long and loud before speeding off up the hill.  It scared me to death!!!  Luckily, it had no effect on Euan, he just kept on sleeping.  I see no reason for them to have done it, other than to scare me.  Well, it worked.

Since this has been a lot of words, here are a couple of unrelated pictures.  Leona got some new wellies the other day... she hasn't taken them off since, even sported them to church on Sunday.  She is such a goofy girl:


Raina said...

Gosh, this reminds me that I should be doing a more intense core workout. Jillian scares me though.

Too bad about the freaky honker!! Jerk.

Hey- I have a FB friend looking for tips on running with a stroller. Do you have a post I could direct him to?? Would LOVE it if I could share it with him- former student now with kids! yikes I am old.

Rain said...

I haven't tried Jillian's workouts yet...they sound intense!

Gosh what a jerk to honk at you like that...and you have a stroller too! That would have made me so mad!!

jayloh said...

I never know if the honkers are trying to convey pertinent information or just be annoying. Either way, it scares the crap outta me, too!!
Your girly is way cute in her boots. :)

JazznJenna said...

If you ever decide to try another Jillian workout, I have a couple...I recommend "6 weeks to 6 pack". It's not all abs, but it's a great 30-minute workout including abs. My sweat drips onto the floor every time : ). I'm going to have to try the Trouble Zones one.

Jane said...

I think I might be feeling your pain! I just purchased 3 Jillian DVDs and they are killing me, but I love it! I think I would be great if I could do those workouts at full capacity one day, and I really hope it helps with my running and my return to getting back in shape since my baby (also called Little E for Eloise). :)