Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Friday!!!

I seriously thought that this day would never get here.  This week lasted forever!!  It was the first week with double soccer practices, including yesterday evening, which culminated with soccer for Calvin (which Dan is coaching) from 6-7, soccer for Emme from 5-6:30, open house for Emme's school from 6-7, a coach's meeting for Dan at 6:30 and a church activity for me from 6-8.  If that wasn't enough, Dan wasn't able to leave work until late.  However, with a little creative overlapping... leaving some things early and arriving to other things late, skipping out on the church activity, swapping kids and booster seats on the run and eating dinner at 4pm, we managed to make it work.  Needless to say though, when we were done with it all, we. were. done.  Anyway, I'm a big fan of Friday.  I think I've mentioned before that it is my favorite day because it means that I still have the entire weekend to look forward to.  Today is an especially great day too because the sun is actually out.  I haven't seen the sun since Monday and it is a truly beautiful thing.  I need the sun, the sun makes me happy, happy, happy.

Monday, when the sun was out and I wasn't sure how long it would be until I saw it again (this is the Oregon Coast after all) we dropped everything (mostly laundry, which I would end up not getting around to finishing until Thursday... oops) and headed to have lunch at the beach.  Leona and Jonny both thought that it was pretty cool for us to be going to the beach while Emme and Calvin were at school... if they could only imagine all the fun things I have planned to do during the day 5 years from now when they are all in school!!  (No, it is never too early to plan for that.)
I was concerned those clouds would spoil our sunshiny fun, but they remained offshore.
Leona and her "baby rock".
Can you feel the love... or does it look more like a strangle to you too?!
Today is also a special day because my little fuzzy headed boy is 4 months old.  I can't believe how fast it is all going.  He has sure been a great addition to our family.  We love his happy smiley personality and his silly little tongue that he is always sticking out.  

He has yet to do any tricks, but he is on the verge of rolling over and is determined enough to get into all the "fun" around him that I fear the inch worm/army crawling won't be too far off.
He has learned one trick though... I fear we have another thumbsucker on our hands.
As for me and running... I haven't done it since the race on Saturday.  Yikes!  I did do the Jillian Michaels dvd on Wednesday (which did a number on me, just like I thought it would) and was going to take yesterday off because I was pretty sore but happened across this super woman's post and found the motivation to continue to work my body over.  Today, however, moving is painful and my body will be rewarded with a break from the torture.  I look forward to a nice easy run tomorrow and then back to somewhat of a regular schedule next week.  We're looking into a treadmill purchase because sometimes that just might be the only option for me... especially the first week in October when Dan will be gone for work.  Any suggestions?  I need something that will hold up to the miles but something that I won't have to sell my children to afford.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  Anything fun planned?
We're looking forward to back to back to back (with a slight overlap) soccer matches tomorrow and maybe a visit from the Dan's parents.

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mom of four monkeys said...

I just bought a treadmill (PROFORM) off of Craigslist, got it for only $ has been awesome! I have four kiddos and now that it is dark in the AM, that is the many times the only way...I don't LOVE treadmills yet, but they are growing on me with every run! Good luck!