Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If 8 is great...

then 80 must be stupendously awesome!!!

Today, 80 years ago, one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world was born... my grandma and she is most definitely stupendously awesome. I couldn't let the day pass without doing a special post just for her, she is my most faithful reader.  After a little blog scan, I apparently did the exact same thing last year... maybe it's becoming a tradition?  Or maybe it's just proof that despite my best intentions, I never manage to do anything more spectacular.  We did, however, during a mini family reunion earlier this summer, in Northern California, throw my grandma a surprise birthday party when all her kids were together and some of her grandkids and great-grands.  Although I'm sure she'd prefer I didn't share, here are some pics from that fun.
the cake 
Leona helped a lot with the decorations... she was very proud.
the birthday girl (almost 2 months before her birthday)
the presents.....
lots of lovely homemade and thoughtful gifts
Leona helped a lot with (opening) those too.
A bonus pic of Grammy and her newest great-grand, less than 2 months old here.
Not that we ever need a reason to celebrate the awesomeness that is my grandma, her 80th birthday was a great excuse to do something fun for her without her knowing about it ahead of time.

Grammy, I wish that we could be there today to celebrate with you.  Please know that you are always in our thoughts and we wish you the best on your super special day.  80 is awesome and so are you!  We love you lots. ♥ Laurie, Dan & the kiddos

Leona, Jonny & Euan wanted to wish you a happy birthday too:


ErinandShane said...

Aww, it could be the hormones but this made me tear a little :)

Yay for Grammy! and Yay for you, to tell her and show her.

me/mom/NANA said...

She really is the most beautiful lady in so many ways. Happy Birthday to her!

runninglawyer said...

I remember last year's post too! What a great cake!

Happy Birthday to your Grammy!

Janet said...

You are so thoughtful. Nice post. Your Grammy is my mom and I wish her a fabulous day!!

Raina said...

Happy Birthday to your grammy!! This makes me really miss my grandpa.

Marci said...

Happy birthday Grammy! You are the best!