Monday, August 20, 2012

Distance Yourself: InknBurn Skirt & Camisole Review

I can't lie, I'm a huge fan of InknBurn products... they have the most awesome looking designs and have an amazing selection of items.  Last spring (2011), I had the opportunity to review their Run or Die 4arms, which to date are still my favorite sleeves (I just feel hardcore when I wear them... it also doesn't hurt that I won a marathon in them (as pictured below)).

So, when Keira Henninger, an ultra running goddess (and marketing director for InknBurn) contacted me about reviewing one of InknBurn's new running skirts and a camisole too, I couldn't have been more ecstatic.  I'm ashamed to admit that this was a long time ago though (as in, I was still quite pregnant and now I have an almost 3 month old long time ago) but better late than never, no?  When I was emailing back and forth with Keira, I mentioned that I was pregnant, which she thought was great because, "our stuff is so comfy, I think it will come great into the review".  I was quite skeptical, because honestly, nothing felt super comfortable being 7 months pregnant but I went ahead and put in my order... after much deliberation on what to choose.  Did I mention their selection?!!!

Dan's vote was for the Lust skirt and the Cherry Blossom camisole, while Emme was a big fan of the Sunflower skirt and matching camisole and Calvin picked the Peacock skirt and Pink Ink cami.  After looking at my family's picks and all the other options available to me, I ultimately went with the Peacock Skirt
and the Sunflower Camisole... not to be worn together obviously... I have a slight bit more fashion sense than that.  Ha ha.
Only a short while after ordering, I received my order, which prompted an impromptu fashion shoot... this time with Emme as the model "posing as if she was [me]"...
I'm almost positive that I've never posed like that.  She said that she couldn't help it though, the clothes "felt so good, they made her want to dance".  If she had said something along the lines that they felt so good they made her want to clean her room I probably would have let her keep them.  Alas, even InknBurn isn't that incredible.

Anyway... let's get to my review since I know you're dying to get to my picture poses.

The skirt.  I love, love, love the colors of the Peacock Skirt.
I'm usually not much of an animal print kind of girl (which I didn't really consider peacock feathers being in the category of until Dan said, I thought you didn't like animal prints) but I couldn't resist the bright blue background and awesome green and yellow contrasting colors.  The fabric has a nice texture to it that you can't see unless you get really close.  It also has good stretch and flexibility.
I've washed it quite a few times (being that I've had it for so long) and the color is still just as vibrant as the day I got it.  I love the length of the skirt and the fact that the fold over waistband and under shorts come in super cool coordinating but contrasting patterns.
I'm only putting in this less than flattering picture of the undershorts because I think it's important to note what little miss Leona thought of Emme and my photo shoot:
Here's a close up of that facial expression.  "What are you doing mommy?!"
and yes, she is sitting in the dirt outside in her jammies
Anyway, the under shorts are a little bit of a heavier fabric weight than I'm used to, but it didn't seem too heavy.  The shorts are also my only complaint of the skirt.  They're fairly short and I had issues with them riding up when I've been running in them.  I think it's important to note however, the the skirt runs a bit on the loose and stretchy side.  I think the issues I had could have been alleviated had I ordered a smaller size.   (When I originally ordered the skirt I was pregnant and even though Keira said it would stretch nicely, I wanted it to fit... even then, I probably should have gone down a size because she knew what she was talking about.)  Outside of the shorts, I absolutely love the skirt for running in.  The waistband, even when not folded over, sits nice and low and the fabric has the perfect amount of give in it to make it comfortable for short and longer distance runs.  There are also little slits on both sides of the skirt that allow even more movement without showing too much.

In my opinion, to make running gear perfect, it absolutely must have pockets.  Well, I was in luck, InknBurn understands that need and put two fairly large pockets in the front of the skirt that can fit a whole grip of stuff inside.
Originally I was concerned that because the pockets aren't attached to anything they would drive me crazy when I had stuff in them, but it didn't seem to be an issue when I was running.  Even with my phone in one, there wasn't any bouncing.
Overall, I think it is a great skirt.  The price is a bit on the higher side, $74.95, but the quality is great and seems to stand up well to much wear and washing.  I also particularly like the fact that it is a smaller company with all of their products being manufactured in the U.S.

The Camisole.  I had a really hard time deciding which camisole I wanted to test out.  I finally settled on the sunflower design because it seemed so bright and happy.  Living in the Pacific Northwest (Is the southern Oregon coast still considered PNW?  Sometimes I forget that I moved.), sometimes it is necessary to make one's own sunshine and I thought that the sunflowers could do just that for me.
The fit is amazing.  It is a slimmer fit but still loose at the same time.  I was truly amazed that this shirt fit quite well over my large pregnant belly (it fit, tightly but comfortably, however, I didn't think it looked all that great so I don't have any photo evidence).  Anyway, on post pregnant me, I love it.  I feel that it is flattering and forgiving and just the right length without being too long.  As for the fabric, it is soooooo soft and smooth, it feels like butter.  It is also extremely lightweight, seriously it would be easy to forget you had it on.   I like the skinny straps and the way they connect in the back...
they allow for plenty range in motion so that if you feel the need to put fear in the hearts of your competition make your competitors laugh, you can do your fiercest poses with ease.
The camisole has a built in shelf bra, which under normal circumstances (not pregnant or nursing) would be more than adequate for my 12 year old boy looking body, however those of you lucky enough to look more like women, would definitely want to supplement with a sports bra.  (Hey, lucky you... InknBurn makes those too!)  Also, attached to the shelf bra, is a little cleavage alley pocket that is large enough to fit an energy gel, a key or anything else around that size.  I have to admit, I haven't tried it out, but I think that it would work well.
Honestly, I can't say enough about the camisole, I love it.  I would love to get every one they make (which currently is 15 designs), however at $69.95 a piece, I'll probably have to control myself a bit.

To sum it all up:  The skirt... awesome!  Great fit and wonderful feeling fabric.  Undershorts, a little short and may creep a bit, however a smaller size might change that.  The camisole... ahhhhmazing!!!  Absolutely not a bad thing to say about it, I seriously want more.  The company... great, they really have it all!  In short, check out InknBurn on on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter and then go to their website and start shopping!!!  (They have stuff for the boys too.)

Huge thanks to Keira and InknBurn for providing me with their awesome products to review and waiting patiently for said review.  Also, thanks to miss Emmeline for posing and subsequently helping with my photo shoot.

Disclaimer:  InknBurn provided me with the skirt and camisole free of charge.  All opinions expressed in the above review are completely my own.


Marci said...

Wowza! You are looking good sister! I'm happy to see you back in your gear and imagining you blowing away on the Coos Bay hills. Nice job on the review.

Trail Smitten Mom said...

You always look so cute! Love the pics and am heading to InknBurn now. I need a new outfit for my first 50K!

Julie Arts said...

I had a GREAT experience with Keira and INKnBURN this spring. I also tried out the same skirt and tank (in different patterns) and they are two of my favorite pieces of sports wear!

Rusten and Karen said...

There is no way you've had five kids. You look amazing.

Babyviva said...

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